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Close To My Heart Update - Friday 24 February 2023

Chacha tells Adi that he has to bless his sister. Adi nods. Akash takes Adi’s napkin and smirks. Gurleen is fainting but Chachi handles her. A person gives a napkin to Adi. Akash thinks this monster will learn a lesson now.

Adi comes to Ginni and asks her to focus on her work, if she does a mistake then she will lose her Dhaba. He cleans his face with a napkin and it has mehndi on it. Ginni laughs seeing his face. Adi notices it and cleans his face with her dupatta. He leaves from there. Ginni is stunned seeing mehndi on her dupatta. She says is ill-mannered.
Ginni comes to Gurleen with lemonade and sees her stressed. She asks why don’t you look happy? Gurleen says if you were getting married and your mother asked you to hide something from your husband then what? Ginni says we can’t have relationships based on lies so I would have told everything to my would-be husband. Gurleen looks on. Chachi comes there and scolds Ginni.
The wedding ceremony starts, Chimas arrive at the venue. Darji’s family welcomes them. Ginni’s sister is serving food to everyone and likes Manveen’s jewelry. Chachi scolds her. Ginni offers juice to Adi but he bumps into her mistakenly. He asks her to be careful.

Guruji says let’s start the wedding function. Gurleen arrives there and all bless her. The wedding is starting. Adi is taking Gurleen to her car and she gets dizzy so Ginni helps her too. Adi asks Ginni to prepare food for all the guests. He leaves. Ginni cleans her face with the dupatta and Adi’s mehndi gets on her face. Akash says the monster’s mehndi is on your face now. Ginni looks on.

Gurleen is doing Chura ritual and it mistakenly falls on Ginni. She takes it and recalls Chachi telling her to not do any mistakes. Ginni prays for nothing to go wrong.

Ginni’s brother brings his friends to the wedding and takes money from them for getting them entered.

Ginni’s sister finds a gold bracelet of Manveen on a tray and tries to give it back to her but Chachi catches her and slaps her. She says you were trying to steal it? You cheap people have no morals. Ginni rushes to her sister and says we are not thieves. Chachi says I saw it with my eyes. Gurleen asks her mother to calm down. A man brings Ginni’s brother Shampi there and says he was bringing his friends to eat here after taking money from them. He shows his money to them. All look on. Chachi says I told you this family is full of thieves. She slaps Ginni hard. Adi is stunned.

Precap: The vendors come to Ginni’s dhaba and threaten her to pay them otherwise they will not spare her family. Ginni says I will arrange the money. She runs to Adi’s house and tells him that she is not here for any argument, she needs her payment. Adi says you have no control over anything. You can sell your dhaba and get some control. Ginni says I will never sell my dhaba to you.

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