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Close To My Heart Update - Saturday 25 February 2023

Amber gives the gifts to Chimas. Darji tells Chimas that Gurleen and Harpreet are starting a new life so I was thinking to start our business partners also. Chima says why not, give us an idea? Amber hug him.

Chachi makes a scene in the function and slaps Ginni because of her sibling's stealing. She says we gave you a contract but you people are cheap. Your siblings are thieves and you tried to start an affair with our son (Adi). All are shocked. Chachi says she doesn’t have any good upbringing, doesn’t know what their father was like. Adi says enough, don’t talk about their father like that. He is a kid and must have done a mistake. Ginni’s siblings thank him. Adi asks Gulabo not to cry, I am sorry for this and I request you to leave. They all leave. Ginni silently thank Adi and goes away.
Ginni scolds her brother and says I told you all not to do a mistake. I shouldn’t have hoped anything from you people. Goldie ask what happened? There are vendors in the dhaba. He says we want our payment. Gulabo is tensed. Ginni says don’t worry, we will pay your payments. The vendors say we have increased our payment amount as Goldie had asked for more material. Ginni is shocked and says I can’t pay such an amount right now. The vendors threaten her to pay them otherwise they won’t spare them. Goldie says we haven’t got the payment from the contractor. The vendor says we will break your dhaba if you don’t pay the payment. Ginni says I will get the payment. She leave from there.
Adi comes to Armaan and tells him that he has already planned to get the dhaba. Ginni arrives there and says I have come here to get the payment. Adi says you still have guts to come back here after your siblings made mistakes. Ginni says I know you were behind all that, why are you behind our dhaba? Adi says nobody can stop me from getting the dhaba from you. This contract is not even legal but I just wanted to show you that families can be bought easily with money. I have proven that without using a legal contract. Ginni says I will never sell my dhaba to you.

Ginni comes into the house and asks about her remaining payment. Chachi says we won’t pay you a single penny. You should thank us for even giving a contract you. Get lost from here. Ginni says I have worked hard so please pay me. Chachi says you people have done so many mistakes so I won’t pay you anything. Ginni begs her but Chachi leaves. Ginni is angry and says Adi is a monster, he is doing all this. She leaves from there. Darji sees her leaving and thinks what happened to her?

Ginni is walking back home. She comes to Gurudwarah and prays to show her some path. She says I am losing and breaking from inside, do something for me please.

Precap: Armaan tells Adi that we will get the dhaba by tomorrow. Adi asks how? Armaan shows him some videos but Adi gets angry and says what the hell is this? Some goons attack the dhaba and is about to hit Ginni but Adi comes there and starts beating them. Ginni helps him in beating them.

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