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Close To My Heart Update - Thursday 23 February 2023

Amber is about to slap Goldie but Adi stops him and says it’s about Darji’s honor as he chose them. Amber says I don’t want this man in the house again, he leaves. Darji says sorry to Chimas. Adi says nothing will go wrong from now on. He takes Goldie from there who is drunk. Ginni tells sorry to Adi and says he is my responsibility, she takes Goldie from there. Armaan tells Adi that they did a mistake which we wanted. Adi looks on.

Goldie is drunk and sleeping. Gulabo wakes him up and slaps him hard. She says why can’t you understand what you did today? You destroyed everything for us. Goldie stumbles and comes to Ginni, he says I am sorry for what happened today. I am a useless man, I just want to keep my family happy but I am a failure. Ginni tries to ignore him. Goldie says just throw me out of the house, beat me, just do something. Ginni says I am forgiving you because you repent your mistake. We are all with you but you have to help yourself for God to help you. Goldie says I will do as you say. Ginni says Adi is waiting for us to do a mistake. We have to be careful. Goldie says but he saved me today, we would have been insulted today if he didn’t stop his father. Ginni looks on.
Ginni comes to Gulabo and asks her to not cry, Goldie’s wife left him and you know how much he loved Simran. Gulabo says that girl left him and went to Canada, she never asked about Goldie but he is destroying his life for her. Ginni says I just want him to reunite with Simran, he lives for her and he is sulking without her. Gulabo says I just want him to be happy.
In the morning, Adi is getting ready. Armaan teases him and says Goldie did a mistake so we can cancel the contract and take their dhaba. Adi says not right now, he leaves from there. Armaan is confused.

Gulabo is angry and cooking. Ginni comes there and asks Goldie to stop thinking about what happened. Gulabo says he can’t even enter there now. Ginni says he will handle things in the Dhaba, we have to work as a team now. She tells her family that we won’t do even a single mistake.

Ginni prays to Guruji to let her complete this contract without any mistakes.

The mehndi ceremony is going on. Supreet tries to take the mehndi but Chachi takes it from her and says her mother will start the rituals first. Amber comes there and says I will be Gurleen’s uncle. Chachi is angry but Chacha stops her. Chachi says he is just doing drama. Gulabo comes there and imagines Ginni getting married like Gurleen. Bua asks where is our handsome man? Adi comes there to do the ritual. Amber says I want my lovely wife to bless to Gurleen. Adi says the rituals won’t be completed without my mother’s blessings, she loved daughters. He shows Gurkirat’s photo and says she will bless her. Chachi says she loved Gurleen. Amber glares at him. Adi gives his mother’s bangles to Gurleen, she thanks him.

Precap: Ginni tells Adi taht we didn’t do any mistake. Chachi grabs Ginni’s siblings and says I caught them stealing food and jewelry. She slaps Ginni, Adi looks on.

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