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The Episode starts with Atharv and Vividha finding the camera parts. Sujata, Guddi also help them. Dadi and Ankit keep Kailash busy. Ankit asks Kailash to sit and have food. Sujata and Uma look for the camera in the lawn. Atharv checks the storeroom. Sujata says I did not get anything. Guddi checks in the room. She sees the cable in the toy and stops. She recalls Atharv’s words. She says Atharv was right, the camera is at home. She gives the wire to Atharv. Dadi asks will Kailash use kids toys now. Vividha says he has used kids as well, what can we expect. Atharv says we want camera’s main body, he can just delete external memory, camera will have internal memory, we can get the clue. 

Vividha says we did not get anything, we have checked everywhere. He says Kailash did not go out, he has hidden the main body at home, we have to find it, the proof is inside it, you all go and sleep now, we will not find at night, Kailash can doubt. Everyone sleep. Atharv sees the wire. He gets up and goes out. He checks the living hall. He gets small parts of the camera. He looks under the sofa mattresses. He goes back to storeroom. He checks again. He finds the camera’s main body in the basket. He recalls Vividha’s words. Atharv joins all the camera parts. He checks the recording. Kailash confesses he was always doing the drama. Atharv hears Ravish and Kailash’s conversation. Atharv gets shocked seeing Kailash stabbing Ravish. Atharv cries. Kailash comes there. 

Atharv sees him coming. He asks him to get his real face out now. Atharv says it won’t be fun to kill you this way, the camera in my hand has one death, its proof for second death, you remember I promised you, the brick I keep on the land, think of it as shagun of your daughter’s engagement, then I would marry your daughter, I will make another promise today, whatever law decides, your end is written in my hands. Kailash laughs. He says Atharv Sujata, you are not a kid now, don’t do this foolishness, the end I can see, you can’t see it, why, you will understand this very soon.

Kailash says you all worked hard and found the camera, but the camera could not reach anywhere, you did not understand I have the fourth spade in my hand, how can I be so weak, I have numerous eyes, I m antaryami and can see everything, you all are playing a game here, I understand, its good, but where did you reach, I have seen how Khushi camera lens light was striking Khushi’s eyes. FB shows Kailash seeing Atharv getting the lens. He says you just got lens, you find the other parts. FB ends. Kailash says I have seen you all sending me to play, did I not understand it, why are you playing kids’ game, I know you all got clue against me. Atharv smiles.

Atharv scold Kailash and asking did he not care for Vividha, she is that daughter who believed you and went against everyone for you. Kailash says you should have gone inside the door and saw that dead body, you should have picked that knife, not Vividha, you had to go to jail, you know what I want, we both want one thing, Vividha, we both want a solution, what is it, so I was thinking you go to police station and accept you killed Ravish, not Vividha. Atharv holds him and says why do you feel I will do this. Kailash says I can see this happening, you said I speak a lot, now I will do and show, you have searched the entire house, but you did not see a video. He shows the video in which Kangana is seen, with a bomb tied to her. Atharv gets shocked. Kailash says I want to be quiet now, I was missing till now and learnt to tie time, this bomb will blast will I want, I have this remote, you just have four hours, you don’t know Kangana is in this house, there is less time, everyone will die along with Kangana. Atharv slaps him. 

Atharv says you have crossed all limits, I did not think you will fall so low, you are ready to kill your daughter. Kailash smiles. He says you have no waste time, then how can I have free time, don’t waste time by saying anything, you have few hours, police will come to take Vividha, you have to say one line, Vividha did not kill Ravish, you killed him, don’t be foolish to find Kangana, you have less time. Atharv gets worried. Atharv says I will never do this. Kailash says you are not a kid now. Kangana is in dizzy state. Vividha wakes up and sees Atharv gone. She looks for him. Kailash asks what happened, are you thinking, there is no time, don’t waste time. Atharv slaps Kailash angrily. He beats up Kailash. Kailash says did you get solution, I have it, time is less, so I m bearing it, you are not understanding, just I have the solution. He shows the remote.

Sujata asks Vividha what happened. Vividha says I was finding Atharv. Sujata says I was feeling restless and came out. They look for Atharv. Kailash says everyone will die, you won’t be alive to find anyone, why don’t you understand, one blast will ruin everyone, you don’t waste time, confess to police, go and rest on your golden bed, Atharv Sujata. Atharv recalls Vividha and Sujata. Kailash says you just have to give statement that you killed Ravish, give me the camera, you don’t need this now, go and spend some time with them. He smiles. Atharv forwards the camera.
PRECAP: Atharv and Vividha find Kangana. He asks Guddi and Ankit to go. He asks Vividha to go as well. Vividha says I won’t go anywhere. He tries to defuse the bomb. Vividha says Atharv, you have cut the wrong wire. Kangana asks where is Madhav. Vividha asks did you find everyone. They see red hand prints on a paper. Kangana and Vividha get worried.

Never Say Goodbye Air On Star Life From Mondays To Sundays At 9am

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