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The Episode starts with Atharv beating up Kailash. They have a fight. Atharv takes the remote from him. Kailash stabs on his neck. Atharv falls down. Kailash takes the remote. He sees Atharv and leaves from there. Vividha and Sujata did not get Atharv. Vividha says we will check in basement. They find Atharv unconscious. Sujata says we shall call doctor. They all worry for Atharv. Vividha asks him to open eyes. Atharv gets conscious. She asks what happened to me. He says where are kids. She says they are with Bua Dadi in room, what happened to you. He asks the time. Vividha says leave time, you sleep, you are not well. He gets up and asks the time. She says where are you going, its 5am. He says three hours are left. She asks for what, you won’t go anywhere, Ankit help me. The light
goes. They all worry. Atharv asks Sujata for torch, get mobile, please. Sujata lights candle. The candle gets blown off by air. Sujata says why is the candle blowing off when window is shut. Guddi says maybe there is gap between window and casing. Atharv recalls Kailash’s doings.
Kailash says Atharv is not a kid, I have faced a lot for many years because of him, I have become an animal. Uma and Dadi come to Kailash’s room and see him. Dadi asks him what did you do with Atharv, tell me. Kailash acts mad. Uma and Dadi take case to beat him. Kailash runs out. He says why don’t they understand and hides in lawn. Uma and Dadi run to lawn to find him. They look for him. Dadi says don’t know where did he hide. Dadi gets hit to the wooden pole and faints. Uma goes to help Dadi. She slips on banana floor and falls. She also faints. Kailash says you did not understand since long, now rest here and dream. He goes. Sujata lights candle. Atharv says Kangana….. Vividha asks Ankit to hold Atharv. Atharv and everyone go to Kangana’s room. Kailash looks for Atharv. He says Atharv will not listen. He realizes he lost the remote and looks for it. Atharv tries to open cupboard. Vividha asks what is he doing. He says Kangana is inside, we can’t break this, she will get hurt. Vividha gets the keys and says how can Kangana be here. Atharv opens the cupboard. They find Kangana inside and get shocked seeing the bomb tied to her. Kailash looks for remote in lawn. Vividha asks Atharv to be careful. Atharv says there is still time for bomb to blast. He makes Kangana sit. Vividha says how to remove this bomb. Atharv says I need something to cut the wire, you all go. Vividha sends Guddi and Ankit. Atharv asks her to go as well. She asks him to defuse bomb, she won’t go anywhere. He gets tensed and asks her to move away. Guddi and Ankit take kids and elders out. Kailash sees the remote and smiles. Atharv cuts the wire. Kailash says goodbye Atharv Sujata and presses the remote.

Inspector come home and asking Atharv how did this happen. Vividha and Atharv sit in between the debris of the bomb blast. Police checks the house. Atharv signs the way to inspector. Inspector checks the blast affected portion. Kangana sits dizzy. Uma and Dadi get conscious. Uma says where did Kailash go. Inspector asks Atharv and Vividha to sit. Vividha says my dad is inside, I have to see once. Atharv holds his bleeding head. Everyone come and get shocked. Bomb squad guy come and checks the place for any other bomb. Inspector asks Atharv how did this happen. Atharv tells everything. FB shows Atharv cutting the wire. Vividha says Atharv, you have cut the wrong wire. Kailash says good bye Atharv Sujata and presses the remote button. Atharv says wrong wire, run….
He sees the timer stopped. He says if I have cut wrong wire, this bomb would have blasted, the wire was right. Kailash sees the bomb did not blast and presses button again. Atharv asks Vividha to get water fast. Atharv takes Kangana. Kailash says this is called misunderstanding, its not called getting saved, my many years of wait will not end. He picks the bomb. Atharv says your bomb, your planning and you are waste, now waste time in jail. Kailash says fine, then go, I told you this is not a kids play, when I play the game, it does not end anytime, till someone dies, the game does not end, you will die in this game Atharv Sujata. Atharv says none will die now, just you will die. Kailash says listen to me, I don’t play any game half and incomplete, you have to die in this game, and I will die along with you if needed. He fixes the bomb wires again. He says this is your death weapon, the man who can make something can repair it too, look. Atharv gets shocked. He asks what are you doing. Kailash says preparing to win. Atharv says you will also die. Kailash says I don’t lose in game. Vividha comes. Atharv asks her not to come here, come. He takes Kangana and Vividha and leaves, shutting the room’s door. The bomb blasts. FB ends. Inspector asks why did Kailash make bomb. Atharv says to hide his crime. Inspector asks which crime. Atharv gives the pendrive and says you need to watch it, it has proof against Kailash, its proof of Vividha’s innocence. Constable says we have to take them to court for hearing. Sujata says but that camera had that video recording. Vividha says Papa had broken that camera. Atharv says Kailash tried, but I have transferred all data in this pendrive. He recalls transferring data in pendrive. He asks inspector to check it. Inspector says then I have to see this instantly, constable get the laptop. Atharv asks Ankit to take kids away.
They all see the video. Kailash accepts his crime in front of Ravish. Everyone see Kailash killing Ravish. They cry. Vividha says he did all this, what happened in the end, he will not be saved now. She asks inspector to check once, maybe he got under something. Inspector says I will ask my team, don’t have any hope, its impossible to get saved. Atharv gets the aid done. Vividha says we did not get Papa’s news, I guess we should go upstairs and see. Atharv asks her to wait, they will tell us if they know anything. Atharv asks Vividha is she fine. She says I did same mistake again, I trusted Kailash and kept him here, thinking he will change, if he gets fine, I will tell him what all he did, I wanted to see shame and regret in his eyes and make him apologize to everyone, see what state he made of my house, we can’t expect anything from him. Constable asks Atharv to come. Inspector says there was no one in that room. Vividha says maybe he got under some thing. Inspector says I mean there is no one under the debris. Vividha says I worshipped his face all my life, today I want to spit on his face. Inspector says try to understand, there is no one alive or dead. Atharv says it means Kailash is not dead. Inspector says blast radius is checked, they said one thing can happen. FB shows Kailash keeping the bomb and running away. He goes to lawn and blasts the bomb. Inspector says Kailash is alive, I can guarantee this. They all get shocked.

PRECAP: Kangana asks where did Madhav go. Vividha and Kangana worry seeing a red colored/ hand impressions. Vividha shouts Kailash…. Kailash comes in his real avatar and says I still love you a lot. Vividha says you don’t know love. He says I wanted you to get married in a good family, its your marriage tomorrow. She gets shocked.

Never Say Goodbye Air On Star Life From Mondays To Sundays At 9am

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