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A story of two star-crossed lovers premieres on Star Life this  Wednesday 26 January at 9pm replacing, and its name reflects the fact that the lead characters are determined to Never Say Goodbye.

It's a Romeo and Juliet story that centres round Vividha and Atharva who are victims of bigoted social stereotypes. They're attracted to each other's contrasting personalities and fall in love, but they're torn apart by Vividha's father and his prejudices.


Vividha is happy in her world in Ajmer. Her father, Kailash Kashyap, is her hero. Kailash strongly believes that relationships are only possible between individuals who are equal in social status. Atharv, who is not equal and without a father's name, does not fit the perfect image that Kailash wants for his daughter. Therefore, Kailash is against Atharv.

Over a series of encounters, Atharv falls in love with Vividha. He announces that after he sets up his business, he will marry Vividha. This infuriates Kailash and he sabotages any chances of Atharv's success. Kailash frames Atharv and gets him arrested. Sujata (Atharv's mother) begs Kailash to get her son out of jail. Kailash asks for her house in exchange for her son's freedom and demands that they leave the city. Sujata agrees and decides to take Atharv to Dehli.

On the other hand, Kailash arranges Vividha's marriage with a wealthy family and they come to see her. It is then that Vividha finds out that Atharv is leaving the city. She stops him from leaving. Atharv and his mother have nowhere to live, since Kailash took their home, but Sujata had bought the land in front of their house. They begin to live there and slowly Vividha realises that she loves Atharv as well. But Kailash is still not ready for their marriage

Later, Atharv's father, Ramakant Vashisht who is a Colonel in Indian Army, comes back home with only a little time left to live. He demands to meet his son to Sujata. He promises to unite Atharv and Vividha. He talks to Kailash about their marriage, but before he can take any action, he dies. Kailash takes advantage of this and tells Ramakant's second family about his last wish to marry his daughter Vividha to their son Ravish.

When everyone is confused about Ramakant's last wish, they believe Kailash's saying and fix their alliance. On the other hand, Kailash announces that he has agreed to Atharv and Vividha's marriage. Marriage preparations start but on the day of their marriage, Uma (Vividha's mother) gets to know about his plan and that he is taking Vividha to Delhi for her marriage with Ravish. Uma tells Vividha and asks her to run to Atharv who is waiting for her at the temple. She runs to Atharv and tells him everything there. They take their seven rounds in which Atharv promises to return if they get separated. However, Kailash goes there and attacks Atharv.

In order to stop her father from killing Atharv, she makes a deal with her father that she will marry whoever he says. To put her father down, Vividha is adamant to marry Ravish and insults her marriage with him, despite her mother begging her not to take this step as its wrong and she is playing with the life of an innocent man, but Vividha doesn't listen.

On the day of their marriage Ravish gets stiction an emergency mission of the  Indian Army. Vividha wish death of her would be husband Ravish without seeing him. But after successfully completing the mission Ravish returned to Vashisht house and marries Vividha. After their marriage, Vividha behaves rudely with Ravish who is confused with her behavior and ask her the reason behind her behavior. Ravish ask her about her problem and asks her whether this marriage happened with her will? Vividhaha lie to him by saying 'yes'. She continues to lie and cheat Ravish but later feels ashamed since he and his family are extremely good to her. Eventually Ravish falls in love with Vividha.

It is shown that Ravish's mother, Suman, loves her daughter-in-law Vividha as her own daughter and always supports her. Ravish performs all the duties of a good husband. After seeing the goodness of Ravish's family, Vividha starts to behave well with them but does not tell the truth. On the other hand, Vividha starts feeling Atharv's presence in the house but she think she is just imagining him. But after some time it is revealed that Atharv is alive and he and his mother Sujata are hidden under the care of Ravish in the house as Atharv is Ravish's half brother. Atharv has lost his mental balance after getting beaten by Kailash's goons. After some days, Vividha find out that Atharv is in the house under Ravish's care but soon realizes that he has lost his mental balance.

Realizing Atharv's mental state, she goes to Kailash's house but does not find him. Uma informs her that Kailash is missing and that the police think that Kailash is dead but Vividha does not believe this. She informs everyone about Atharv's mental imbalance, breaks all ties with Kailash and vows to break ties with Ravish and help Atharv become normal again. Meanwhile, Sujata finds out that Vividha is Ravish's wife. On knowing the truth, she decides to leave Ravish's home as she doesn't want Vividha to come back into Atharv's life. Ravish tries to stop her. Vividha returns home and Sujata slaps Vividha and tells her truth to Ravish. Vividha is forced to confess truth in front of Ravish and tells him that she still loves Atharv.

Ravish, who is already in love with Vividha, feels heartbroken, but decides to help them reunite and ask for some time to reveal the truth before his family. Vividha agrees with him and decides to hide her relationship with Atharv before the family. After some days Atharv and Sujata's secret is revealed before the family. On hearing this, Suman wants to throw them out from the house but Ravish stops her and convince her that Sujata and Atharv have equal right on this house, just like them. Meanwhile, Guddi ( Vividha's sister ) comes to the Vashisht house and feels attracted towards Ravish. Understanding Guddi's intention, Vividha tries to send her back to Ajmer as she doesn't wish to create problems but Guddi refuses to go back and decides to reveal Atharv and Vividha's secret.

But just as she's about to reveal the secret, she dies by falling down the stairs. Everyone thinks it was an accident, but Vividha firmly believes that it was not an accident but a murder. Just when the family are dealing with that case, Ravish's enemy Zeenat enters the house in order to attack Ravish and his family, as Ravish had arrested Zeenat's husband, who is a terrorist. Terrorists, led by Zeenat, attack the Vashisht family. Ravish rescues his family on time, but both Ravish and Atharv get hurt during the fight.

Vashisht family came to know the truth about Atharv and Vividha's relationship which makes Dadaji angry. He tries to kill Atharv, but Vividha catches him, so he tries to kill Vividha instead. In order to save Vividha, Atharv starts a fight with Dadaji. During the fight, Dadaji hurts Atharv and throws him in a deep pond. Meanwhile, Ravish comes and on hearing about what has happened, arrests his grandfather. The rescue team searches for Atharv, but don't find any clues. Everyone assumes that Atharv is dead, but Sujata and Vividha feel that he will be back.

After Suman persuades Sujata, they do Atharv's last rites thinking he is dead. Vividha declares herself as a widow and decides to divorce Ravish. But, Sujata asks Vividha to take 'ulta pheras' (ritual of breaking marriage) to break the marriage. Vividha gets ready to break the marriage with Ravish. Vividha begs Ravish to agree to breaking the marriage with her. When they are about to take ulta pheras, Atharv, who got his memory backs, arrives. Later, Vividha decides to go back to Ajmer with Atharv.

Meanwhile, Ravish is attacked by the terrorists but gets back home safely fighting with the enemies. When Ravish returns, Atharv and Vividha are confused about their reunion. Ravish makes their way clear by divorcing Vividha. On their wedding day, Atharv runs away from his marriage while Vividha waits for him.

After this betrayal, Vividha again begs Ravish to give their marriage another chance and to start a new life. Thus she marries Ravish again for second time. Later it is shown in the story that Ravish agreed to remarry Vividha to hide her pregnancy and save her from the taunts of society because she conceived Atharv's child without having an official divorce from her legally wedded husband, Ravish.

Four Years Later

Vividha and Ravish are shown to be married and living happily with Sujata and Vividha's family in Vividha's home and they also have a son named Madhav. It is shown that Ravish has been performing all the duties of a good husband and father, while Atharv has become a big business man and is shown to be living with Suman in her house as her son with the new name Raghav Suman. He is married to Guddi, who is pregnant. Later it is revealed that Guddi never died, she was alive. Guddi and Suman are giving drugs to Atharv.

After some time Madhav becomes ill and the doctor informs Vividha and Ravish about a rare disease that Madhav is suffering from. To cure the disease, the doctor wants Madhav's father's DNA sample. At this time Vividha reveals to the family members that Madhav is Atharv's son. Vividha enters Raghav's house, in disguise with Madhav. Suman doubts Madhav's presence in the house. Vividha promises to get Atharv's DNA sample. Kalindi sets out to kill Atharv.

Later, Suman gets shot by Sujata when she attempts to kill Atharv. Sujata is arrested for killing Suman. As the trial begins, Ravish saves Sujata. Vividha reveals Guddi's misdeeds in front of everyone. As soon as Atharv comes back, Vividha forgets all the sacrifices made by Ravish and decides to go back to Atharv. Ravish, being a true gentleman, again releases Vividha. Thus Vividha completes her third marriage with Atharv and they happily leave for their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Ravish hits a lady with his car. Then the mysterious lady enters their home after the accident and is saved by Ravish. The girl is given a name as Kangana by the family members as she forgets everything about her past.[13] Ravish starts developing sympathy for Kangana, but soon learns that she is behind the disappearance of Kalindi and the murder of Bhoomi and Vipul. Later it is revealed that the real name of Kangana is Tara and she is the real mother of Madhav. She is just a pawn in the hand of Kailash Kashyap who exchanged Tara's son, Madhav, with Vividha's daughter Khushi. After the revelation of the truth, Vividha refuses to share Madhav with Kangana. Then Kangana marries Ravish to get the custody of her son Madhav. Ravish is once again fooled as he is innocent.

Vividha goes to the temple and finds Kailash there in a very bad condition. She takes him home. Atharv gets angry seeing upon seeing Kailash. Atharv gets afraid of losing Vividha again. Ravish realizes that Kailash is normal. Ravish opposes Vividha's decision to let Kailash to stay in Vashisht house but Vividha, again forgetting all of Ravish's sacrifices, fights with him. Vividha blames Kangana and Ravish and says that they are trying to kill Kailash.

Ravish and Kangana try to reveal Kailash's true face. During this revelation process, Ravish gets stabbed by Kailash. Vividha sees Ravish's dead body stabbed with a knife. She sees a knife in Khushi's hand and takes the blame upon herself. Atharv says he will never believe that Vividha killed Ravish. It is revealed that Kailash has killed Ravish to separate Atharv and Vividha. Kailash takes Madhav away to Ajmer. He threatens Vividha to marry a rich man otherwise he will kill Madhav. To save Madhav, she is ready to marry Vivek. Atharv reaches Ajmer at the right time and saves Madhav. Kailash and Atharv have a big fight. Kailash remembers the time he spent with Vividha and shoots himself. He dies on the spot. The show takes a three month leap. The Sujatas and Kashyaps then live happily.


Main cast

  • Shivani Surve as Vividha Kashyap Vashisht: Uma and Kailash's daughter, Guddi and Ankit's sister, Atharv's wife, Ravish's former wife, Khushi's mother

  • Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharv Vashisht: Ramakant and Sujata's son, Suman's step-son, Aditi and Ravish's half-brother, Vividha's husband, Khushi's father

  • Shashank Vyas as Ravish Vashisht: Army officer; Ramakant and Suman's son; Sujata's step-son; Aditi's brother; Atharv's half-brother; Kangana's husband; Madhav's stepfather 

Recurring cast

  • Vineet Kumar as Kailash Kashyap: Indumati Devi's son; Uma's husband; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit's father

  • Shilpa Tulaskar as Sujata Vashisht: Ramakant's first wife; Atharv's mother; Aditi and Ravish's stepmother 

  • Smita Bansal as Suman Vashisht: Ramakant's second wife; Atharv's stepmother; Ravish and Aditi's mother

  • Sara Khan as Kangana "Tara" Vashisht: Ravish's second wife

  • Aparna Ghoshal as Uma Kashyap: Kailash's wife; Vividha; Guddi and Ankit's mother

  • Kabir Shah as Madhav Soni: Kangana's son from her first marriage; Ravish's step-son

  • Kenisha Chadha as Khushi Vashisht: Vividha and Atharv's daughter

  • Nidhi Shah/Priyanka Kandwal as Shweta "Guddi" Kashyap: Kailash and Uma's daughter; Vividha and Ankit's sister

  • Ruslaan Sayed as Anshul "Ankit" Kashyap: Kailash and Uma's son; Vividha and Guddi's brother

  • Sana Sayyad as Aditi Vashisht: Ramakant and Suman's daughter; Ravish's sister; Atharv's half-sister

  • Surendra Pal as Amarkant Vashisht: Brigadier General; Ratna's brother; Chandrakant and Ramakant's father; Ravish, Aditi, Atharv and Vipul's grandfather

  • Manmohan Tiwari as Vipul Vashisht: Kalindi and Chandrakant's son; Bhumi's husband

  • Bhavini Purohit as Bhumi Jain: Vipul's wife

  • Sulakshana Khatri as Indumati Devi Kashyap: Kailash's mother; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit's grandmother

  • Aaradhna Uppal as Kalindi Vashisht: Chandrakant's wife; Vipul's mother

  • Aparna Kanekar as Ratna Vashisht: Amarkant's sister

  • Bhavini Purohit as Bhumi Vashisht: Vipul's wife (dead)

  • Firoza Khan as Zeenat "Aruna" Siddiqui: Ravish's enemy; Adaa's mother

  • Palak Panchal as Adaa "Chutki" Siddiqui: Zeenat's daughter

  • Prashant Bhatt as Ramakant Vashisht: Colonel; Amarkant's son; Chandrakant's brother; Sujata and Suman's husband; Atharv, Ravish and Aditi's father (dead)

  • Parvez Magray as Chintu Zaveri: Vividha's friend

  • Maksood Akhtar as Abdul: Sujata's neighbour

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