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The Episode starts with Atharv meeting Vividha. She asks about kids. He says how can they be happy without their mum, why did you get ready to do this, you left Madhav, Khushi, me and family, why, we are incomplete without you, why are you lying. I hired big lawyer, just tell me truth, who killed Ravish. She says I killed Ravish. He asks why are you lying, I know you can’t kill Ravish. Vividha asks constable to take Atharv. Atharv asks her what is she hiding. Constables catch him and take away. Atharv says I will find truth. She cries.

Sujata comes to Kangana and gives her white clothes. She asks Kangana to come, they have to go. Everyone see Ravish and cry. Pandit guides Atharv. Atharv keeps the rituals on Ravish. Dadi Bua says we just asked for happiness, Lord snatched our happiness,
why are we bearing all this. They all cry. Vividha is brought there by police. Inspector stops everyone and says you can’t meet her, she does not want to talk to anyone.

Madhav runs to Vividha and says don’t be scared, Papa promised he will get you home soon. Atharv does the last rites. Madhav and Atharv give the fire to the pyre. They all cry. Atharv recalls Ravish.

Vividha recalls Ravish and cries. Atharv stops her and says you can’t go from here without telling me the truth. He asks her what’s the truth. She says my answer won’t change. He says lie can’t walk with truth. She says I said I killed Ravish. He says you are lying, why did you kill him? She says he wanted to hurt my dad, he thought my dad is acting, he wanted to make Kangana’s case strong so that they get Madhav’s custody. He asks did you know all this in one min, I was just one min away, I know Ravish did not trust Kailash, even I don’t trust Kailash, what did you see in one min that you killed Ravish, why are you lying, you swear on Ravish and say you are saying truth. She says its true I have killed Ravish, its better you accept this. Atharv says no, I will not leave the culprit, Ravish should get justice, you are saving his murderer, why? She says I did this. He says I will find out the truth, Ravish will get justice, tell me truth. She goes with police.
Atharv thinks I will find out the truth, I swear I will not leave the real culprit at any cost. Kangana sees Ravish’s pic. Atharv comes there. He says pain gets less with time, but never disappears, we have to live with this pain, maybe Ravish never told you, I used to hate him a lot before I met him, he was my step brother, he was that person who snatched my father’s love from me, he got my share of love, but when I met Ravish, he has kept his open heart in front of me, he stood against his mum, when my mum did not had hope that I will get fine, Ravish did not leave hope, he united me and Vividha, he never wanted to get anything, he made his own place, he never complained to anyone, he has smiled in every sorrow and love, I did not get father’s love ever, Ravish gave me that love, Kangana, his death is a debt on me, I know you feel Vividha killed him, but my heart knows Vividha can never do this, I came here to get a chance, just one chance to prove Vividha innocent and catch the real murderer, I can’t do this without your help, will you give me one chance, if not for Vividha, atleast for Ravish, please come with me. She goes with him.

Kailash acts mad in front of Sujata. She asks him to sit and have food. He takes a vase in hand. She asks did you like flowers, have this. He asks where is my throne. Atharv says I know Ravish prepared something, he had doubt on Kailash. Sujata sees Atharv and Kangana. Atharv says Ravish was questioning Kailash, you tried to stop me and Vividha, but something happened in between which we did not know. He tells Kangana that Ravish was lying there, Vividha was standing here, Kailash was there unconscious, just think if you heard anything that could help us. Kangana recalls Ravish lying dead.

Kangana recall Kailash’s words. She shouts Ravish and cry. Atharv asks her to think what happened here, who killed him, did you see anything, tell me. She faint. Sujata look on. 

Vividha recalls Ravish and gets sad. The jail inmates see her. Constable asks Vividha to have food. Vividha refuses. Constable scolds her and asks her to come. The inmates ask Vividha not to come. 

Sujata feeds Khushi. Madhav says you said you will get mumma. Atharv says yes, I promise I will get her. Madhav refuses to have food. Atharv says I can’t see Madhav this way, you think you can fulfill this promise, Kangana is also not in her senses. He says how did the killer not leave any clue, as if he came in air and flew. She says maybe there is no clue, I know its strange, but is this possible, that Vividha is saying true. He says no, Vividha can’t do this, we know this, don’t know why she is lying, she is ready to leave me, I feel we are not able to see the truth, it's infront of us. Khushi looks on.

Vividha sees the inmates beating a lady. She asks why are you two doing this? The ladies slap and twist her hand. They push Vividha and scold her. Constable comes and takes Vividha. Atharv asks inspector why is he not releasing Vividha on bail, its normal formalities, leave her soon. Inspector says let us do our work, please wait. Constable tells about prisoners fighting, Vividha got hurt. Atharv says what happened to Vividha, no one can stop me now. He runs and meets Vividha. He asks her is she fine and hugs her. Inspector scolds the ladies. He asks Vividha how did she get in this fight. Atharv asks for first aid box. Inspector says don’t worry, everything will be fine. He makes Vividha sit and cleans her wound. Main tenu samjhawan….plays….. He hug her. 

Kangana hug Ravish’s shirt and thinks of him. The servant gets Ravish’s pic with garland. Kangana gets sad and recalls his death. She get dizzy. Guddi holds her. Guddi makes her sit and pacify her. She says if you sink yourself in sorrow, Ravish won’t come back, get this pain out of you before this pain ruins you. She asks Kangana to have food. Kangana holds Ravish’s watch and refuses to have food. Guddi says its not just your pain, I am also bearing same pain, I have hated you a lot in the past, today we are in same boat of pain, Ravish loved you, not me, if Ravish sees you this way, his soul will be hurt, for Ravish’s sake, have some food. Kangana eat food.
Atharv says nothing will happen to you, I will get you out of here soon. Vividha says just one thing, face the truth, your false hope will hurt you, truth is I have killed Ravish. Atharv says I won’t believe this, I have your heart in me, this heart can give happiness to others, but can’t kill anyone, bail papers are ready. She says I don’t want bail, I killed Ravish with that knife, I want this case to end soon, don’t do anything for me. She asks inspector to send Atharv. Atharv asks how did you get that knife, by which you stabbed Ravish? She says it was there in the room. He says you were with me, you had no knife. She says I got it in the room, don’t ask me. He says its Kailash’s room, you have thrown all things out, which could harm Kailash, then how did that knife come there, who had that knife in hand?

PRECAP: Atharv says I am finding the truth, you can lie, but can’t hide the truth. Vividha looks at him. Atharv sees one knife missing. Khushi comes to him. He gets shocked seeing a knife in her hand. Lawyer asks Vividha to sign on papers. Vividha refuses. Atharv says you are taking blame on yourself as you think Khushi did this. She asks him not to get Khushi punished. He says Khushi did not do this.

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