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Anupama 16th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Senses Anuj’s Presence

Anupama teaches dance to her students on O Re Piya… song. She recalls dancing with Anuj. Anuj watches her hiding and murmurs my Anu. Anupama senses his presence and stops hearing her name. She shouts Anuj, shocking her students, and runs out. Bhavesh runs behind her and asks what happened. Anupama says Anuj had come here and asks neighbors if they saw Anuj. Kanta returns from temple and asks what happened. Bhavesh says Anupama thinks Anuj was here. Anupama says she is sure he was here and continues to show her excitement. Anuj weeps hiding. Anupama says she will visit office and meet Anuj there.

Anupama gets ready recalling her quality moments with Anuj. She asks Kanta if she is looking good. Kanta nods yes. Anupama says she thought sometime ago that Anuj has come here for work, but now thinks he came even for her; she knows he is also missing her and hence came to see her before going to office; earlier anger won and now love. Kanta says may be. Anupama says there is not place for may be and continues showing her excitement. Kanta hopes her wish comes true and asks what has she thought about returning. Anupama says she hasn’t thought much. Kanta asks her to leave everything on god and not think much. Anupama hopes she will surely meet Anuj and leaves for office.

Anuj while traveling to office recalls watching Anupama hiding and thinks she sensed his presence, was looking excited and also tired and weak; he should have met her alone as there would be people at office, etc. He hopes she visits office and meets him. Anupama’s auto travels just behind his cab. Traffic halts due to fight between a cart vendor and an auto driver. Anuj and Anupama feel restless. Anupama messages receptionist Nidhi that she is stuck in traffic and fears Anuj will leave before she reaches. She notices Anuj hand from the cab and walks towards him. Cab leaves. Anupama gets back into auto and asks driver to drive fast. Anuj thinks what will he tell Anu when he meets her. Anupama thinks she will meet her Anuj at any cost.

Ankush anxiously checks records to update Anuj. Barkha asks him to stop behaving like a slave. Ankush asks her to stop behaving like a boss. Barkha says he should do whatever he wants to but should discuss with Anuj in the cabin while she gets Anupama’s signatures on documents and sends her away. Adhik asks why she doesn’t want Anuj and Anupama to meet. Barkha says its for our good, she will not let them reunite at any cost. Ankush says whatever she does, they will reunite for sure. Anuj enter office. Ankush feels sad seeing his condition and hugs him emotionally. Barkha thinks can’t they do their bharat milaap/brotherly union inside a cabin. Anuj talks to Adhik next. Barkha thinks why don’t they go in before Anupama come. She asks him to get into cabin as there is staff here. Anuj repeatedly looks at the door for Anupama. Barkha’s puppet receptionist informs him that Anupama messaged that she will be 10 minutes late. Anuj thinks Anupama is coming then. Barkha asks Ankush to take Anuj in. At Shah house, Vanraj during his conference call thinks= if Anupama went to office. His colleagues ask if he is fine. He says he is feeling unwell. Colleague says he can rest and they can have a meeting tomorrow. Anupama is still in auto, feeling excited to meet Anuj.

Precap: Anupama enters office. Anuj senses her presence. Barkha thinks they are better away from each other.

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