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Anupama 14th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Anxious To Meet Anuj

Anupama tells Leela that she told her a 1000 times that Dimple is a good girl and she should try to understand Dimple. She says she has to accept the truth as she can’t stop them even if she wishes to, so she should bless them and show her elderness. Hasmukh says Anupama is right that its not a time when one can impose their decision on their children. Vanraj agrees and says when they know that children won’t listen, then there is no use of explaining them. Anupama ask Samar and Dimple to marry and not fight, they can go and talk the rest at their home as its time for her student’s arrival. Vanraj says let’s go. Samar hold Anupama’s hands and says he and Dimpy didn’t come here to fight or create drama but to apologize to her; he was hurt when she refused to take up his responsibility and thought if he is so bad that even his mummy refused to take up his responsibility, but now realized that he can’t burden her more; he loves Dimpy and will marry her even if elders don’t approve and bless them, but he will not hurt elders. Dimple tells Anupama that she didn’t intend to expel her from her dance academy as she did a lot for her. Anupama says she knows her intention wasn’t wrong or else she woudln’t have handed the keys to her and left, and if she was angry, she would have expelled her instead; it was her decision; they both should forget everything and try to succeed in life; they should live for themselves, but not forget family and their responsibilities; if they are good, then everything would be good. Leela shouts that like everytime, Anupama want to go against her even this time. Anupama says she is not against her but is with her son and greet her good bye. Leela walk away frowning. Hasmukh bless Anupama and leave. Samar and Dimple leave next. Vanraj says he will meet her again and leave. Anupama recalls Ankush’s message and takes Anuj’s name. Anuj senses it.

Ankush send a voice note to Anuj to reach office by 11 a.m. tomorrow at any cost. Barkha hear that and clap. Ankush says its good for health to clap. Barkha shout if he can’t understand. Ankush says its very important to call Anuj here or else he is not a fool to bear Barkha’s taunts. Barkha shout he is a fool who is unable to handle a business. Ankush says Anupama and Anuj’s approval and signatures are needed for any project, and if they don’t come, the business Barkha is trying to grab will be finished. Barkha asks him to call them at a different time. Ankush ask if he should tell board of directors that his wife wants them to have meeting with Anuj and Anupama separately twice. Barkha shouts. Ankush says when fate wants them to reunite, what can they do. Pakhi hears their conversation and smiles. Barkha hopes something happens that Anuj and Anupama don’t meet.

Kavya notices Vanraj lost in thoughts and asks if he is thinking about Anupama, what is bothering him now? Anuj says he is thinking about Samar and Dimpy, he thinks they have a complete right to take their own decisions. Kavya says at last Anupama opened his eyes. Vanraj says that’s Anupama. Kavya says looks like its a different issue, a wife can sense husband’s mind, surely there mus be a problem because of Anuj and asks if Anuj is returning. Vanraj asks why would he return when he got back Maaya and Little Anu, he is coming for some office work and even Anupama is going to office for same work. Kavya says he is tensed that they would reunite. Vanraj says she should stop talking rubbish. Kavya says they would reunite again for sure as they are made for reach other. Vanraj laughs and says Anupama will not even look at Anuj after what he did, and its better for Anuj to move on. Kavya asks when will he move on as Anupama as moved far away and will never look back, its better if he also moves on. She prays that Anuj and Anupama reunite and never separate. Vanraj stands frowning.

Anuj asks Maaya not to inform Little Anu that he is going to Ahmedabad or else she will insists to accompany him. Maaya ask if he will meet Anupama after so much happened between them. Anuj asks her to take Little Anu out when he leaves. Anuj thinks what if he faces Anu there. He notices subconsciously typing Anupama repeatedly on his laptop. Barkha calls Maaya and argues with her for failing to stop Anuj from reaching Ahmedabad. Maaya asks why didn’t she send official papers here. Barkha says she couldn’t, it looks like destiny wants them to meet. Maaya says if they will reunite if they meet. Barkha their distance may lessen but not their differences. Maaya asks what she means. Barkha says she will face each other but will not be alone together as she will be with Anuj all the time.

Kanta notices Anupama lost in thought and asks Anupama if its important for her to visit the office. Anupama nods yes. Kanta tells Bhavesh that she handled Leela, Samar, and Dimpy really wife. Bhaves hopes they don’t fight with her. Anupama says the distance between Leela and Dimpy is very deep and difficult to fill it, Leela is of old thinking and Dimpy of modern thinking with unfiltered talks, Leela wouldn’t have felt bad if Pakhi would have said same thing, its not children’s mistake either. Kanta says earlier children used to stay with elders and now with internet and TV, its not their fault. Anupama gets receptionist's call who says Ankush is busy in the afternoon tomorrow and can’t meet her, so can she come at 4 p.m. Anupama says okay and thinks when will Anuj come. Barkha praises receptionist for following her instructions and says she will handle Ankush. Ankush asks Anuj to visit at 4 p.m. as the meeting is postponed. Anuj says he will meet Dheeraj by then. Anuj says he has to inform Anupama about the meeting postponement and asks if he wants Anupama to come?

Kanta notice Anupama weeping and says sometimes it’s good not to try. Anupama hugs her tightly. Kanta asks her to speak to her and clear her heart out. Anupama says Anuj left her after Little Anu left, she knows he still loves her immensely, its not a battle of love but pain, she is nervous to meet him, happy thinking his anger must have lessened, and fearful that he may react again; she doesn’t know how will she react when he comes in front of her or if she will be able to speak. Kanta says she should do whatever she thinks that time. Anupama says she is thinking of returning everything Anuj gave her. Kanta says she can do whatever she thinks right. Anupama says she doesn’t know what will bring for her tomorrow.

Precap: Anuj reaches Anupama’s house and notices her teaching dance to students. Anupama gets emotional seeing him.

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