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Razia Sultan Updates - Friday 24 February 2023

The episode starts with Razia as a savior sultan reaching market where Ruknuddin is about to kill innocent people. Mirza is shocked to see her and thinks if mohtarama is here, then who is there with old man Yaldos. Fathima entertains oldie yaldos hiding her face. Razia fights with all puppet soldiers and kills them all. She easily easily frees innocent people and challenges ruknuddin to fight with her. Head fights with her and she defeats them. Ruknuddin sends more soldiers to capture her, but she throws bomb and flees from there. People get panic. Turkan tells Ruknuddin that they should leave before situation gets out of control and flees. Mirza thinks he has to find out the secret now and runs towards palace.

Yaldos gets inebriated and try to get intimate with Fathima thinking her as Razia. She push him and gets injured in between. Yaldos sees blood and runs out to bring medicine. Razia comes back and exchanges her clothes with Fathima soon. Mirza rush towards Razia’s room and asks servants if they saw Razia going out. They say she is inside with Yaldos and Yaldos instead rushed out. He enters in to check and servant follows. Razia asks servant to leave. Mirza says Razia that she can not be Razia as he just now saw princess saving innocent people from cruel Ruknuddin. He turns her face and is shocked to see Razia. She says she can not help herself, then how will she help him? She is so much ill fated that she is marrying old goose Yaldos in a few days. He sadly walk out. Fathima comes out and says she did wrong with him. She says she had to do this for Mirza’s safety.

Mirza sadly comes out of Razia’s room. Oldie Yaldos brings doctors/hakeems to nurse Razia’s wounds and identifies Mirza as the one who brought Razia to Ghazni and being in her room often. Mirza walks reminiscing seeing savior sultan and Razia telling she cannot help herself. He clashes with Yaldos, apologizes and leaves. Yaldos realizes that he is Razia’s love and she is resisting him because of him.

Yaldos enters Razia’s room and asks her to get her wound nursed. She says it is a small cut and she is fine. He insists, but she resists. He leaves.

Shamshad informs comatose Altamash about savior sultan who is protecting kingdom people from Ruknuddin and Turkan and is a new ray of hope
Yaldos calls his assassins and orders them to bring mirza dead or alive.

Ruknuddni tell his Turkan that Sultan has insulted him and is becoming dearer to kingdom people. Turkan says this way, people will become traitors and will get him down from sultan’s position. They will have to find out someone who can easily defeat sultan. He asks if he should call professional killers from outside. She says by the time they come, sultan would ruin his dynasty, so they have to find out someone from here.

Mirza sadly reminisces Razia’s words that she cannot help herself and is going to marry oldman yaldos in a few days. Yasir comes and asks him to teach archery. He says he is not a good teacher. Yasir says he is and insists. Mirza teaches him archery. Yaldos’s soldiers come and tell they came to arrest him on yaldos’ order. Mirza sends Yasir from there and starts fighting with them.

Razia is busy discussing with Fathima her helplessness for Mirza. Yasir comes running and informs that Yasir yaldos’ soldiers have come to arrest Mirza. Razia runs to rescue him.
Mirza fights with soldiers and kills a few, but they capture him with net and make him unconscious by hitting him on his head. They produce him in front of yaldos and turkan/ruknuddin. Turkan provokes yaldos that razia has crossed a limit by loving a servant and insulted Yaldos. Ruknuddin starts next and says he was flying in air as Razia was backing him and was fighting with everyone, but he defeated him easily once. Yaldos orders soldiers to put him under fire and burn him. Razia comes running and asks him to spare Mirza. He asks what relationship she has with this traitor. He remembers she coming to Ghazni with him and he roaming around her room often, if she thinks he will forgive their sin, he will not.

Turkan starts her ugly dialogues and tells that Razia made a big sin by betraying sultan Yaldos. Razia asks her to stop her ugly drama as it is her and yaldos’ issue. Yaldos says razia is right, it is between him and his would be fine and turkan should not interfere. Razia says there is nothing between mirza and her and he is a stranger for her. He should spaer mirza for her sake. Mirza resists, but unsuccessfully. Yaldos says he will spare Mirza, but she should accept his demand. She says she accepts all his demands. He says there are 20 mourning days left and she should marry him with in 10 days. Razia is shocked and turkan/ruknuddin smirk.

Precap: Razia promises herself that she will destroy Ruknuddin’s dynasty in 10 days. Mirza promises turkan that he will find out Sultan in 10 days. Ruknuddin is busy romancing girls on bed when he sees a horse coming in with sultan’s message to come and fight with him. Ruknuddin informs turkan and says he will finish sultan. Razia is seen with in savior sultan’s attire.

Razia Sultan Air On Zee World From Mondays To Sundays At 8:00pm

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