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Sulochana tells Devika that she will tell her if Rudra loves her or not as Rudra just knows how to suffer and not reveal his feelings. She says she has seen him smiling at her and his stone heart melting for her. Devika asks Rudra if he really loves her? Sulochana asks Rudra to nod his head at least. He nods yes. Devika goes down to inform her decision. Rudra asks Sulochana why did she say that his Preesha is dead. Sulochana says she is dead in a sense she has moved on in her life, but he is still stuck behind; he is getting a chance and shouldn’t do same mistake again, he should marry Devika and move on. Rudra agrees and thinks he will continue until Preesha herself stops this marriage or admits that she still loves him.

Arman tells all guests that their misunderstanding has cleared and wedding will happen on time as decided. Chachaji says let us start ritual. Arman gives shagun to Rudra, Sulochana, and Sharda. They hesitantly accept it. After sometime, Chachaji reminds Arman about their tomorrow’s meeting regarding business tender. Sulochana tells Rudra that Devika’s family gave us a lot, but we didn’t give anything to Devika yet. Rudra says he will do something. She says they spent the whole money in repaying house mortgage. Rudra says again he will do something. Vasu tells Preesha that whatever happening is for good, she shouldn’t think much. She hugs her and leaves.
Preesha takes Rudra to a room and asks why did his mother say that she is dead. He asks why didn’t she tell that she is alive and tell truth to Devika, she is a coward and is afraid that her perfect world will shatter and she will lose her billionaire husband; she loves being with rich men, she was with him for his money. She says he understood her so well, at least they had a relationship. She says she agreed at last, he will stop this marriage if she reveals that she is his wife. She says she is doing what she has to and doesn’t need his help. He thinks he will force her in a situation where she herself will stop this marriage.

At night, Preesha cry reminiscing Rudra and Devika’s engagement and Sulochana’s lies. Maid reminds her that she needs to send Anvi’s test results to doctor. Preesha thanks her for reminding her and seeing her laptop off asks Arman if she can use his laptop to send Anvi’s report to doctor. He agrees and leaves. Anvi comes to her and insists her to make her sleep. Preesha leaves laptop open.

Thye next morning, Arman with Chachaji attends a multicore 5 star hotel tender and hopes they will get the tender as his blue print is best and he quoted very less price. Organizer says whoever’s blue print is best with low bid will get the tender. He takes Arman’s rival Baweja’s name. Arman says its wrong as his blueprint was best with low bid, someone played dirty. Organizer says he played dirty as he submitted same blueprint 1 hour after Baweja submitted his blueprint. Arman says this is nonsense as he himself prepared blueprint, someone leaked it from his laptop. Chachaji asks who leaked it from his laptop. Arman says he will go home and check his laptop.

Anvi gets sad when her music teacher doesn’t come. Preesha calls Vasu and gets worried when she doesn’t pick call, she tells Anvi that they will go to her teacher’s house. They walk towards car when she slips. Rudra rush and holds her on time. Main Tumhara Raha…song plays in the background. Anvi thanks Rudra for helping mamma. Rudra gets alert and leaves Preesha. Anvi insists him to accompany them to meet music teacher. Rudra says he will if her mamma agrees. Preesha says he should meet Devika. Rudra asks they are really going to meet teacher. Preesha asks Anvi to go and sit in car and confronts Rudra to stop misbehaving in front of a kid. He asks why don’t she reveal that Vasu is her mother? Anvi slips and falls. They both rush towards her calling Saransh and cheer her up. She laughs and thanks Rudra. Preesha then reaches Vasu’s house and sees Vasu supporting GPS walk thinks he must be ill, asks Anvi to sit in car, goes and hugs GPS emotionally. GPS says everything will be fine soon.
Chachaji while returning home asks Arman if someone used his laptop. Arman says Preesha. They pass by GPS’ house and are shocked to see Preesha there hugging GPS.

Arman with Chachaji sees Preesha with Vasu and GPS and walk to them. Vasu gets tensed seeing him and asks what is he doing here? Arman says he should ask same and asks Preesha why she was hugging this man? She says he is his appa/father, then says he is her appa’s friend whom she met in her childhood and like a father to her, he is coincidentally Vasu’s husband. Chachaji says its a good coincidence that Vasu is Anvi’s teacher. Arman asks where is Anvi? Anvi hugs him from behind. Arman invites GPS to their house and walks towards car. Preesha tells GPS that she will meet him soon and leaves with Arman. 

Back at home, Arman shows hotel’s blueprint file to Chachaji and asks how can this happen? Chachaji asks to check if it is e-mailed to Baweja via his account. Arman checks and says yes. Chachaji says Preesha did it for sure as she used Arman’s laptop last. Preesha walks to them. Chachaji blames her that she used Arman’s laptop last night and send confidential document to their rival Baweja, due to which they incurred losses worth crores. Preesha says she didnt and says she took Arman’s laptop when Anvi came and insisted to make her sleep, so she hurriedly mailed Anvi’s test reports to her doctor and went with Anvi. Chachaji says she is the one. Preesha says she is not that insensitive and he can check the laptop. Arman says chachaji doesn’t mean that. Chachaji says they incurred losses because of her. Arman says they shouldn’t blame each other, he will recover losses some other way; he asks Preesha not to feel bad about Chachaji’s words as he is upset.

Rudra sees Sulochana carrying her jewelry and asks where is she taking it. She says for polishing. He insists he will get it done. She resists. He says he knows she is going to sell it. She says she doesn’t wear it and will buy gifts for Devika and her family with it. He says he already brought gifts for them and she should enjoy the function and not try to do this again. They both attend mehandi function. Preesha walk down with Devika. Rudra looking at Preesha praises Devika’s beauty, calls her wifey and asks if she will come with him. She gets shy. Preesha gets jealous and calls Devika to apply mehandi. Devika goes to drink water. Preesha angrily looks at Rudra and walks away. Devika seeing Chachaji sad asks reason. He says they lost tender worth crores because of Preeesha as she sent confidential file to their rival Baweja. Devika asks him not to be sad on her mehandi function. Preesha hears her conversation and thinks Chachaji still think she is wrong, she needs to prove her innocence. She checks laptop to find out who sent mail and seeing CCTV camera calls technician and asks to send her yesterday’s study room footage. He says he needs 1 hour. Arman comes there and takes her for haldi ceremony.

Sulochana apply mehandi to Devika. Preesha watch from a distance. Rudra asks her to stop sticking to Arman always and asks to apply mehandi to Devika. Devika also insists. Preesha agrees. Rudra asks her to write his name on Devika’s hand. She does fuming at him and then asks Arman to write his name on her hand. He does. Rudra gets jealous and continues his comments and when Preesha tries to leave cross-legs her and fall spoiling her mehnadi and then comments again. Preesha says he spoilt it. He says his love is not that weak to be spoilt and then laughs and says he was joking. She returns to Arman and asks him to clean her mehandi and apply it again. He does. She asks him to feed her, and he does. Rudra gets more jealous. Preesha walks away. He follows her, pins her to a wall, and shouts why was she letting Arman touch and feed her? She says its her wish. He shouts he is possessive of her and she can not do this to him. She asks him to leave her. Anvi walk to them and asks if they are fighting? They deny. She says she is not a kid and understands everything. They remember Saransh saying same. She asks why is handsome uncle angry. He says he is not and they are friends. She ask them to hug like friends. He hugs her. Tumna Hue Mere To Kya.. song plays in backgroudn again. Preesha also reciprocates. Rudra says she wanted to keep him away from her, but even god is on his side and sent Anvi.

Precap: Preesha sees CCTV footage of Rudra using Arman’s laptop. Chachaji hears her and says Rudra betrayed them. Arman informs Preesha that police will investigate Rudra and find out truth. Chachaji with Devika, Preesha, and Arman walk to Rudra’s house. Sulochana shouts this marriage will not happen. Chachaji pleads not to punish his daughter for his sins and he will touch her feet and apologize if she wants to. Chachaji asks to touch her feet then. Chachaji bends, Chachaji stops him.

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