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Guddan cut her cloth that is stuck in AJ's wrist watch and says please leave. AJ says money made you this way.

AJ is angry. Antara says Guddan was so rude to you. I can’t see you being insulted like you. I can’t see anyone insulting my husband to be. I will talk to her. AJ says you won’t say anything. I have right on her hatred, stay out of it. Antara says in heart I would come between you. I would give this Guddan pain. She call someone and says come home tomorrow.

Guddan recall everything that has happened. Laxmi come to her. Laxmi says I am sorry. I was so wrong. Durga told me everything she did. I should have trusted you like you always trusted us. Guddan look at Durga. Durga touch her feet. Guddan says stop. Durga says I am sorry for all that I did, please accept me as your DIL and give me blessings. Guddan says you won’t ever get that. I dont need this tea. You are part of the reason AJ is being away from me, don’t do this again. Durga says I won’t give up until you accept me as your DIL.
Antara says to Durga shake hands with me rather, you would be in benefit. Durga twist her hand and says you fooled me. You tried to kick me out of this house. I won’t let you be MIL here. Guddan would be my MIL. Antara says how dare you? You will see what I do to you and your Guddan.

Pandit comes and says I am here to find the date for AJ’s wedding. Antara says I called him. I did right? AJ says yes you did the best, there should be no delay. Everything in the wedding would be grand. Guddan come downstairs. Guddan gives him 50k and says you can celebrate with it, you won’t get a penny above. AJ says who are you to tell me what to do with my money? Guddan says it is mine. I have 2% more share in it. You need my permission every time. So you have only 50k. He says there were 50 lacs in the locker. Guddan says now they are not there. This is all you have. AJ says where is the rest? Guddan says I got it. Guddan says you can get married with it. Celebrate. Antara says you spent all that money in one day? Are you crazy? Guddan says one hour. AJ says don’t act smart, that was my money. Guddan says now it isn’t. You gave my ring to Antara, so I had to buy this ring for myself. My finger bought this ring. AJ says do you want to show me another face? Guddan says you brought out this face.

Antara come to Guddan’s room and try picking the ring. Guddan says the honey was just placed and the flies are here. Antara says this is of my money. Guddan says you got one ring now you want others too? You took my AJ from me. I would take everything from you. Antara put scissor on her. She says I killed my brother imagine what I can do to you. Guddan gives her a cut and says I know I am fighting with a murderer. I won’t let you do this. Antara leave. Guddan take the sample of her blood from her neck. Guddan says I had to do this. Guddan says I won’t let you win. Guddan give the sample to doctor and ask him to test it for the pregnancy. Guddan says now you see I how I send you to jail.
Dadi serves food to Antara. She says this is good for your health. AJ comes to the table. Guddan comes there with a list. Guddan says eat all you want but things are expensive these days. This is the bill of what you’re eating. AJ says are you crazy? Antara would pay to live here? Guddan says this is for what she ate. AJ says shut up. She won’t pay for anything. Guddan says she isn’t a guest here, neither the owner. So she has to pay. I can settle your bill with the jewelry you’re wearing. AJ says why are you doing this? You are insulting her. Guddan says I was insulted. AJ says Antara was my wife. Guddan says she was.. But she isn’t now. Your current wife won’t take the burden of your EX. You taught me how to fight for my rights. Antara told me the importance of money. AJ give her money and says keep it. I would clear all your bills. Guddan says you can’t give me my money. I am not a kid. This is the bill for Antara. She has to clear it. Antara give me the jewelry. Antara says my child is more important than this jewelry. Take it all, she puts it on the table. Antara says my child won’t suffer for your greed. AJ says I thought you would be normal with time, but I saw your new face. Guddan says you’re responsible for all this. I am answering to you. I won’t sit down unless I succeed so get used to it. Guddan says in heart forgive me please. Guddan says I hope you understood I am doing all this for you. I won’t let Antara use you. I would protect your money and this jewelry. Laxmi comes and says I know how difficult it must be for you. They love you and you have to hurt them. Guddan says I won’t give up now. They would realize. I would tell everyone she isn’t pregnant. Saru overhears this. Antara says she took everything from me. I have to do something. Saru says would you eat papaya? Antara says I am pregnant. She says wow you never forget to lie. Guddan would expose you and no one is trusting her. I am on your side. I am here to tell you Guddan is planning to expose you. Antara eats the papaya. Antara says so now if you know you are with me. Whats your gain? She says we are in same boat. I hate Guddan and love money. I have nothing here. Durga and Laxmi, they are on her side now. Who would be with me now? This paper says when you get all this wealth, I would be 40% partner. sign it and make me your partner. Either give Guddan all of it or 40% to me. I wont’ leave you like Durga. Antara signs the paper and says in heart, I would take you to your right place. You won’t even get a penny. She signs the paper and gives it to her.

AJ think about it all. He cuts his hand. Guddan says what did you do.. He says what do you care? Guddan says our problems aside, you would do the same. I learned to heal not to give pain. AJ says why are you doing all this then? You can punish me but why Antara and this child? Guddan says do you know why am I doing this? Guddan says in heart I would expose Antara.

Antara says to Guddan I am here to tell you you’re immature. Guddan says you haven’t updated with time. Guddan says I like you in stress. Antara says I will ruin your life. Guddan shoves her hand. Guddan I won’t tolerate anything. Guddan gets a call. He says madam it is ready. Guddan says in heart, you would be exosed now.

Guddan looks at the reports. The doctor says you were right. She isn’t pregnant. Guddan says I would tell everyone. Antara is keeping an eye on her. Antara comes to the house. Guddan comes with the reports. Saru collide with Guddan and change the papers. Antara come and says give me these papers. Guddan says leave it. I would expose you in front of everyone. Antara shoves herself from stairs to make it look like Guddan pushed her. Guddan run towards her. Guddan says she is doing drama. I was about to expose her that she isn’t pregnant, these reports have all the truth. Dadi picks the reports. Guddan says she has been lying, do you trust me? Daddi slap Guddan. 

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