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The Episode starts with Mishti saying I didn’t do anything intentionally. She apologizes and gets away. She cries and runs out of the house. Abir thinks where is Mishti. Jugnu signs him. Abir goes out and tracks Mishti. He sees her location, police station. He runs. Mishti reaches the police station and recall everyone’s words. She says I have to tell a truth. Inspector says you look unwell, sit down, what mistake did you do. Abir comes and says she did a big mistake, she fought with me, I will tell sorry to her. He asks Mishti to forget it and come home. Inspector says she isn’t saying anything. Abir says I m Abir Rajvansh, I m elder son of Rajvansh family, she is Mishti Rajvansh, we shall go now. Inspector stops them. She asks can anyone confirm this from your home. Abir says yes. She calls Jugnu. Jugnu asks did you get Mishti.

Abir says yes, she came to the police station. Jugnu asks did she go for a small fight. Abir says yes, we will come. He thanks inspector and asks shall we go now. She asks him to take care. He says I will always take care. Abir messages Jugnu for saving him. Kaushal says Abir and Mishti aren’t answering. Nidhi says they are not small kids, they will come, we shall do the rasam. Varun’s mum says yes, we should do it. Varun says we shall wait, Ketki wouldn’t like the rasam without him. Jugnu says Abir called me and said Mishti is unwell, he took her to hospital.

Parul asks why. Jugnu says her bp got low. Varun says maybe her bp is low, or they are hiding a big secret from you. He laughs and says its a joke, I m sure that Mishti would have told you if there was something. Meenakshi says yes, Mishti and Abir stayed away from home since three months. Varun says I m glad Abir will take care of her, we should take care of Ketki, she is the star of the function. Kuhu says Ketki is the superstar. Varun says we shall wait, else they will feel bad. Meenakshi says I will find out. Varun’s mum says I was thinking that mahurat shouldn’t pass, so sorry, the accident happened three months back, I want to do the function in mahurat. Varun says fine, we will start the function. Kuhu says yes, else we may wait until the morning. Parul says Abir and Mishti will come, everyone is happy. Abir shuts the door and asks Mishti what’s this. She says I would have told the truth, I have murdered someone. FB shows Abir looking for Mishti. She thinks to talk to him. He sees her doing and stops the bus. She says where shall I find you, Abir. A guy drinks and comes towards her. He says very close to you, I will come more close, stop. She scolds him. He says I like girls when they cry. She asks him to stay away, else her husband will make him cry. He asks how will he find you. She says by phone tracking app. He says you are wearing a red dress and waiting for your husband, I will fulfill your wish. She slaps him and says police will bring you to senses. He pushes her away. She asks him to stay away. His watch breaks when she pushes him. He misbehaves with her. She hits his head with a stone. He falls back. FB ends. She says I had killed him. Abir says he was misbehaving, he wanted to kill you, you did that to protect yourself. She says I can’t sleep in peace, I recall that day. He asks you want to punish our relation, do you want to leave me. She says no, never, I can’t live without you. He says you are my everything, I can’t lose my everything. She says I can’t live with that secret. He says I was with you at the resort, we had a fight, I failed to find you soon. FB shows Abir coming to Mishti and asking her to open eyes. He asks what happened, tell me. He hears the police coming. He asks who is this guy. Mishti says I was coming to you, he attacked me and I….. Abir takes her away. FB ends. Abir says we should have waited there, but I was worried for your state, stop saying that it was your mistake, it was my mistake, when I went back, police said that the man died by alcohol overdose. Mishti says no. He says that guy did wrong, any girl would have done this. She asks why can’t I confess. He says police asks for proof, we have no proof. She says maybe they arrest me. He says I can’t take big risk, think about me, not everyone will believe you. She says its happening to tell this truth. He says I will always be with you like a shadow, this is the truth, if you tell this, I will say that I did the murder, if you go to jail, then I will also go to the jail. Mishti cries.

Abir says I can’t see it happening with you, you are angry Chorni but can’t be stupid, I m strong, but not without you. She says no, sorry. He says promise me, you won’t do this again. Meenakshi shouts on Jugnu. Parul calms her down. Meenakshi asks is this right that Abir went after his wife when Ketki’s function is going on. Parul says Mishti is unwell. Meenakshi says no, her intention is bad, she knew that I dislike her, even then she married Abir to defeat me, she doesn’t know that the game ends with my victory. Ketki and Varun talk on the video call. He jokes on her and laughs. He says I really like you. Ketki thanks him.

Kuhu comes and asks why are you blushing, I m Kuhu, not Varun. Ketki hides her phone. Kuhu asks her to get ready, Mishti would be coming, a new fight will happen. Ketki asks why, she isn’t fine. Kuhu says she is a drama queen, fight will happen. She goes. Varun says okay, I was wrong, such dramatic talks happen in house. She says Kuhu and Mishti are sisters and have a fight. He says I was much close to my brother, he was my support system. She says I know, Kunal, Abir and I are like this, but not everyone is the same. Meenakshi says Kuhu and Mishti’s fights are breaking this house, I want both my sons. Parul says Kunal is trying to come soon. Meenakshi says and Abir is trying to leave. Mishti says sorry, this won’t happen again. Meenakshi asks why did you call us Abir. Abir and Mishti apologize. Meenakshi asks her to take rest. Abir says I will apologize to Varun.

Abir read about Post traumatic stress disorder. He says I can’t take Mishti to a doctor, but can consult someone in the chat room. He reads, keep the patient happy and remind the good memories. He hears sound and asks who is there. He gets Jugnu’s message. He replies I can’t tell the truth and don’t want to lie, thanks for the help. Kuhu talks to Kunal. She says I wish you could come back, everything would have been fine, Mishti started showing her true colours, she made Abir fight with me, you could have spoken to Abir, come back soon, miss you. Meenakshi comes and says don’t underestimate yourself, will you do it to fix things. Mishti smiles seeing her painting. She asks who is there. She shouts to Abir. She says someone is here. Abir comes in Jugnu’s clothes. She smiles. He jokes. He says I will revive your memories. Kuhu says sorry, you forgot how Abir spoke to me today, I want to see everyone happy, I can’t do anything now. Meenakshi says I managed the house and business since many years, I faced many difficulties, I still fought, because I didn’t wish to lose and become Parul, that’s why I became Meenakshi, tell me, you want to become Parul or Meenakshi. Kuhu says I m ready to do whatever you say. Meenakshi says find out what is Mishti doing since three months. Kuhu says okay, I will find out. Meenakshi says I can see myself in you, remember many people stay in the house, but just one person runs the house. Kuhu nods.

Abir shows the AV to Mishti. Dheere dheere….plays….. She happily cries. He says everything will end if you take the step to tell the police, even your Abir… She says no. He says just forget that night, none should know that secret. Kuhu is at the door, trying to hear. Abir goes to check. He says maybe its the wind, everything will be fine. Kuhu says what are you hiding, Abir is trying to keep her happy, I will talk to Meenakshi. She says she is sleeping, I have no solid info, what to do. She sees Parul working. She says I wish Kunal was here, he could have helped me. Its morning, Abir wakes up and doesn’t see Mishti beside. Mishti comes. He asks where did you go. She says I went for jogging, relax. He says you could have informed me. She says I m okay. He says sorry. She says your life paused because of me, my one mistake. He says no, you did it in self defense, you aren’t a criminal, I m proud of you. She says I m the world’s most lucky girl, because you are with me, you did a lot, I want to do something now. She shows his research. She says I have read this. He says I was trying to help you. She says I know, maybe any husband does so much for his wife, I want to try and come out of this trauma. He asks really. She says yes. She says I thought of Varun’s family, his brother died recently, this time is tough for them, but they are not running away, they are facing it, which I m not doing, maybe they know the details, I don’t know anything, you said that guy was wrong, I shouldn’t be guilty, even then I feel guilty, maybe because of his family, I want to find his family. He says no. She says if I find them, I will tell you, I broke a family, I have to face them, its imp for me. He says promise me, you won’t do anything without asking me. She says I promise. He says I will find his family, promise me, you will try and come out of this trauma, I m always with you. She nods.

Meenakshi sees Kuhu in her room. Kuhu says sorry, I got your breakfast here. Meenakshi asks what’s in lunch. Kuhu says Parul knows it, I want to focus on Abir and Mishti, they were fighting, like they are hiding a deep dark secret. Meenakshi asks what secret, Abir doesn’t talk to anyone well, Mishti and your relation is… I wish Kunal was here, Kunal and Abir’s relation isn’t like that. Kuhu says I know, they are close, sorry I m not able to help. Meenakshi asks did you lose so soon, you know how Parul and I stay like sisters, think what I felt when I got to know about her, I have hidden my sorrow for the sake of family unity, sometimes we have to forget our pride, I did that, its your turn, their secret can affect our house, don’t you want to save the house, I have tolerated Parul, can’t you pretend to be Mishti’s sister. Kuhu says I can do, I will bring Abir and Mishti’s truth out. Nidhi goes to kitchen and sees Ketki with burnt dish. She scolds Nidhi. Parul says its fine, our Ketki is a diamond, I know her in-laws will accept her heartily. Nidhi says they will curse me for not teaching her anything. Parul asks her to tell Varun to keep a cook at home. Ketki says I had made dhokla after seeing a video. Nidhi jokes. Kaushal calls everyone. He says Sangeet is imp in a marriage. Nidhi says yes, it becomes funny. He says its fun, Sangeet is imp, we have to do it in a unique way. He calls Mishti. Abir asks what’s this. Mishti thinks this is for you, because you want to see me happy always. Mishti dances with the hoopla ring. Everyone dances. Dabi dabi si hasi hai…..plays…. Meenakshi smiles. Everyone claps. Nidhi says Mishti, I give you 10 out of 10 for this idea. Abir says I will go and get things ready. Meenakshi says I will manage. Abir says Mishti and I will manage it. Kuhu says I will decide her lahenga, Mishti we will decide her look. Meenakshi asks Nidhi and Kaushal to buy sarees and sweets to send to relatives. She asks Kuhu and Mishti to decide Ketki’s jewellery. Abir asks are you sure, Kuhu will be with you. Mishti says I m fine. Abir says I will try to find about that guy’s family, call me if there is anything, all the best. She hopes to find the family and apologize.

Sacred Relationship air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 8pm

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