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The Episode starts with Parul saying he never loved me, I was happy with his hatred since he was happy, he has a loving family, what could I give to Kunal, don’t try to become Yashoda. Meenakshi comes and asks what’s this. Parul says I was getting tears by chilli smoke. Meenakshi asks what’s the matter, you know we don’t eat spicy food. Parul says I will wash my face and come. She goes. Meenakshi says something bad is going to happen, since Mishti has come back. She prays for her family. Mishti comes to the market and looks for Abir. She smiles seeing the red balloons. She says I have to apologize to Abir first. She sees Abir. He recalls her words. She says I was afraid that you won’t come. He says I should be afraid that you came back in my life, you aren’t Mishti, you are Mishti 2.0, this new version is bad, you don’t care if anyone cries. Kuhu calls Kunal and asks how long won’t you answer. She asks Nannu is he fine. He says I m feeling cold, I m absolutely fine. He says you can ask me things, I m happy you remember my mistakes, I don’t repeat my mistake. She hugs him and says I m glad you are fine, I m scared, Mishti and Abir will be face to face, there will be some Mahabharat type diwali, I m scared that our family will be hurt, Rajshri and Vishwamber went to market, Abir should have come here at this time.

Nannu thinks Mishti went to market to meet Abir. He runs. Mishti says sorry Abir. Abir says you told the truth to Kunal, instead me. She says when would I tell you. They argue. She says I didn’t wish to tell this to Kunal, situation was such… He says I know the situation, Kunal would have threatened you to stay away from me, this time you had this weapon to hurt him, you have hit the truth on his face, don’t be shocked, I should be shocked, I didn’t know you are such, I hate the fact that I love you. He goes. Yeh rishte…..plays….

Mishti says Abir loves me…. She says listen to me, I m sorry, I didn’t intend to hurt Kunal, I was wrong, whatever happened… He says I will tell you, he would have died, you can’t take his life. She says sorry Abir. He says you have made his bad dream true, I know you hate Kunal, you can’t hate me, what would I do if anything happened to Kunal, don’t touch me. He pushes her away. Nannu and Kuhu come. Nannu holds Mishti and asks how dare you Abir. Abir says sorry, we were talking and I did this by mistake. Nannu asks can just Rajvansh brothers do mistake.

Mishti stops him. Abir says you listen to your GF. Nannu says you think its her trick, not a mistake. They argue. Mishti asks them to listen. Abir says you got what you want, you have a BF who will not let anyone hurt you, congrats, do me a favor, just stay away from me and my family, everything will be awesome. He wears his shades and goes crying. Dheere dheere…..plays….

Vishwamber, Rajshri and Shaurya look on. Abir thinks I have no relation with her now. He goes to his car. Kuhu stops him. She says you asked me if I didn’t feel bad for you and Mishti, I would have fought you, I want to ask you now, explain me. He asks did you meet Kunal after the party. Kunal wakes up and says Abir said he will come, where is he. Meenakshi says I wanted to talk to you, did you find Mishti and Nishant’s truth. Kunal recalls Mishti’s words and says I need to go. She asks did anything happen to Nishant, I m with you, don’t forget you are Meenakshi Rajvansh’s son. Kunal says no and cries. He goes. She asks him to listen. Kuhu asks do you know what happened in the party. Abir gets a call and says I don’t want to fight you right now. Kuhu says no big deal, Abir should know what Kunal did in the party. Everyone comes home. Jasmeet asks why is everyone tensed. She asks Nannu did this happen because of him. Vishwamber asks Mishti… She says sorry. Nannu says it was my idea. She says no, I won’t let you get blamed for this, I was in touch with Abir. Nannu says I stopped her to say this, its just a business deal. Shaurya says you know why we had sent Mishti to you. Rajshri says ask Mishti, why did she do this, why did she come back. Vishwamber asks were you with Abir on offsite, did Abir give you this wound.

Mishti cries. Vishwamber says children can grow up, father’s work doesn’t end, you do your mistakes, I will cry, I m upset that you lied to me, I will be hurt and still encourage you, I will say you are my daughter, I will always support you. He asks her to go and explain Abir, when he doesn’t understand, then come back. He says I m always with you. He goes.

Kunal bumps into Parul. The aarti plate falls. Parul asks Kunal did he get hurt. She says sorry. He reacts and says leave me alone. Meenakshi looks on. Kuhu comes home and sees him leaving. She asks him to stop. He says leave me alone. Meenakshi looks from far. Kuhu says I m not scared of you, you thought you will hurt my brother and family and leave this way, you think you will do this and get close to Abir, why did you put Nannu’s life in risk, Kunal Rajvansh. Kunal shouts I m not Kunal Rajvansh. Kuhu asks what…. Kunal says Meenakshi has just raised me, she didn’t give me birth. Meenakshi gets shocked and cries. Kunal says I have become a question now. Kuhu says don’t joke. He says its a joke with me, do you understand, no one told me truth, you know your sister Mishti told me the truth, don’t call me Rajvansh, leave me alone. He goes. Meenakshi recalls Kunal. She says I knew Mishti’s return won’t be good for us, I knew she will make my sons away, Mishti you broke my son’s heart, you have to pay a price for this.

Mishti says I can’t tell anything to Vishwamber. Nannu jokes. She asks did you come to help me or joke on me. He says you have Vishwamber with you, dads don’t retire, we will always be children, we will always do mistakes, elders scold us. She thanks him and holds hands. He asks her to go and do her work. She says its all my mistake. Nannu says we botj did it, you can’t take credit again. Abir makes noodles for Kunal. Meenakshi looks on. Abir asks Kunal to keep smiling. Kunal says I can’t eat it. Abir says I have made it by much hard work, please have it and give me points. Kunal hugs him. Meenakshi looks on and cries. She recalls their childhood. Little Abir cares for little Kunal and makes Meenakshi feel proud.

Jasmeet says Nannu can’t do this, I can’t believe this, Nannu and Mishti… Shaurya says I agree. Mishti goes to Vishwamber. He asks do you still love Abir. Abir comes to Kuhu. She says its okay, I heard you well, its good to listen to the other person when we are much angry, I learnt this from you. Abir thinks whatever Mishti did isn’t right. He asks is everything fine at your home. Kuhu says don’t know, I will call home and ask, shall I tell you then. He says no. Meenakshi hears him and goes. Rajshri asks why would Mishti like Abir. Shaurya says Mishti can’t love him. Nannu says actually, its my mistake, I didn’t research and then got to know Abir is my client. Mishti says let me say. Nannu says it was too late, we had signed the contract, Mishti said it will be unprofessional and had no problem with the client. Mishti says its my mistake, I didn’t tell you the truth. She calls Abir by mistake. Abir doesn’t answer. Mishti says very sorry. Abir answers. Vishwamber asks do you and Nannu like each other. Nannu says yes. Mishti gets shocked.

Mujhko chodke ….plays…. Abir is also shocked. Meenakshi plays sitar. Abir comes to her and argues. She says whatever Mishti did…. He says you did that, you have done this, you can’t stop Mishti from coming home now, Kunal knows the truth. Abir goes. She shouts Abir. Jasmeet says Nannu and Mishti can’t have anything. Varsha says they are childhood friends. Jasmeet says no, I won’t let their marriage happen. Varsha says Mishti doesn’t love Abir, right. Rajshri looks on. Jasmeet says Mishti didn’t tell this, their relation is special, we should give them time. Abir is on the way. He says what do I expect, after making her away. Mishti is also on the way. She cries and says how shall I explain Abir. They don’t see each other. Mishti sees Nannu there and stops. He says you are in problems and you care for everyone, you are so good, you don’t deserve this pain and problem, your love story should be like you, I m fighting for you, I can’t support you now, I can’t see you suffering, Abir is disturbed. Mishti says you didn’t see him fighting for me. Nannu says maybe he will come back, but when, will you suffer like this. She says no pain, no gain, we get something by crossing the pain. He says its not necessary, pain is not always gain. She says you lied that I m your GF, it means you believe my plan. He asks how can you love Abir, I want your life to be simple. She says Abir is such. He says Abir changed, he is Abir 2.0, he doesn’t care for you. She says no, I will fight for your love. She sees Abir there. Abir thinks Mishti was always equal to me and loved me a lot, but I broke her heart. Vishwamber thinks of Mishti’s childhood. Meenakshi comes to meet him. She says now this marriage should happen. He asks whose marriage. She says Abir and Mishti’s marriage… I know Abir well, he is determined, Mishti is his love, Mishti will also be such, I know they were together in offsite. He stops her. She says Abir loves Mishti a lot, I will not become a wall between them, Mishti can become my son’s wife, but not my bahu.

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