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The Episode starts with Kuhu thinking I was angry on Kunal for spiking Nanchak’s drink, I will not do this, no way. Abir and Mishti come running. Kuhu gets a jerk. The pill drops in the coffee mug. Mishti says we have come to take the coffee. They go. Kuhu thinks the pill fell in the coffee mug, I have to stop everyone from having coffee. Meenakshi comes and thinks Kuhu also understands signs like Mishti. She says you told me that you can’t live with Mishti, my concern is that Abir reaches the temple for Shivratri puja on time. Kuhu says actually… Mishti comes to call them. Meenakshi acts sweet. Kuhu serves coffee to everyone.

Meenakshi thinks that mug has pills. Kuhu thinks I m confused. Abir says I want to raise a toast, our family has seen many ups and downs. Nidhi says we are not blaming Mishti. Ketki apologizes to Mishti and says be happy. Abir jokes. Kunal asks him to do something in his style. Abir says fine. He takes the mugs. Meenakshi thinks Mishti should get her same mug. Abir keeps all the cups and tells their story. Kunal asks why do you embarrass me in every game. Abir says its payback.

Mishti asks what are you saying Abir. Kunal says it was my idea, sorry. Abir says I would like mum and Mishti to know each other, cheers now. Meenakshi thinks one of the cup is mine and other one is of Mishti. She says Mishti, I will always like you. Mishti bonds with everyone. She asks Kunal to call her Mishti. They all have coffee. Meenakshi thinks did I get Mishti’s mug by mistake. She exchanges the mug with Kuhu. Abir also exchanges the mug with Kuhu. Kuhu thinks why am I not able to say anything, I wish everyone is fine. Meenakshi thinks Kuhu didn’t say anything, it means Mishti has the same mug. She asks Jugnu to wake up Abir on time tomorrow. Jugnu says fine. Abir says Kunal didn’t say I love you to Kuhu. Mishti asks seriously. Kunal says enough bhai. Abir says I mean you should say. Meenakshi thinks you just have to cry now, Mishti you won’t be able to wake up, Abir will do the puja. Kuhu asks who got that spiked coffee. Kunal comes and says pack the bags, we are leaving for trip after puja, just we two are going, if you don’t like, then you can teach me. She says what can be more romantic than Shiv and Parvati’s puja tomorrow. He says I have no interest in puja. She says I just like this puja, Shiv ji is called best husband in the universe, ask Abir to let us do the puja. He says no. She says I want to do this puja. He says Abir does this puja every year. She says please. She says we can go to other temple and do puja, Abir will do puja tomorrow with family. She says fine, we will be with family. He says you mean, I should cancel booking. He goes.

Abir and Mishti lie to sleep on the terrace and look at the sky. Abir asks her to look up. He says we are counting the stars. He hugs Mishti and jokes. They smile and have a talk. He says you would sleep again like yesterday. She says I told sorry. He says I m happy that you got a good sleep, every night would be special. She asks him not to joke on Maa. Abir says if I don’t joke, she will think I m not well. Mishti says you take much care of me, how shall I thank you for the support. Abir says I will tell you, come here. Mishti says I have to see stars today. He says I will have an affair with someone then. She says I will join Big Ben’s team. He says I wish I had recorded this moment and blackmailed you. She beats him with the pillow.

Kuhu thinks everyone looked fine, did I add the pill in Maa’s coffee mug. Its morning, everyone praise Abir and Mishti’s arrangements. The lady says their phones aren’t connecting, we are waiting for them. Vishwamber asks Rajshri not to worry, Meenakshi will get them. Kuhu looks for everyone. Kunal says I will get ready and come. She asks Parul about Meenakshi. Parul says she didn’t play sitar today. Nanu, Ketki, Kaushal come. Kuhu thinks did Nidhi sleep. Nidhi comes and says Meenakshi’s sitar didn’t play today, that’s her alarm. Kunal gets ready and comes. He asks where is Maa, Kuhu go and see. Kuhu worries. Meenakshi asks where is Abir. Kuhu gets relieved. Meenakshi thinks good Kuhu, Mishti isn’t here. She asks why isn’t Abir opening the door. She says Abir will be doing abhishek, I will go and call them. Jugnu says Abir and Mishti went to temple. Kuhu smiles and thinks maybe pills didn’t fall in the coffee. She says we shall go now. Meenakshi thinks how can this happen, I was sure that Kuhu added pill in Mishti’s glass. Kunal says I m thinking to go to temple this way. Meenakshi says its good, come. Jugnu asks what shall I do now. He runs to Abir. Meenakshi and everyone come. She asks about Abir and Mishti. Rajshri says they would have come with you, maybe there is some reason that they didn’t come. Kuhu thinks Mishti had that coffee. Meenakshi thinks Kuhu chose the path shown by me. Kuhu says I will decorate the shivling. Meenakshi says start the decorations. Jugnu shouts Mishti bhabhi. Mishti says I m here. She sprinkles water on Abir’s face. She says don’t know what happened to him.

Jugnu says I lied that you both went to temple, I m scared of Meenakshi. Mishti says don’t know what happened to him, he is sleeping, I called ghe doctor. Doctor comes. Mishti asks him to check Abir, he is sleeping. Doctor says let me check, what did he eat. Jugnu says same thing which everyone had, then cold coffee made by Parul. Mishti recalls Kuhu.

Doctor says maybe someone spiked the coffee. Mishti says make him fine first. Doctor says I will give him medicines, I will take his blood sample to know what’s in his system. Mishti says Abir, nothing will happen to you. Meenakshi thinks Mishti and Kuhu’s truth will come out when they fight here, they will know I was right about them. Kuhu calls Kunal to come fast. Kunal says I came home to check on Abir. Kuhu says I want your help, no one is understanding it, you can help. He says fine, I will just come. Jugnu hides doctor. Kunal says I came to check Abir. Jugnu says he went to get special garland for Shiv ji. Kunal says ask him to call me. He goes. Jugnu apologizes to doctor. Doctor says tell Mishti that I will mail the reports.

Mishti calls out Jugnu and asks him to get an auto. Jasmeet taunts about Mishti. Meenakshi says Mishti is my bahu now, I know you are angry on her. Rajshri and Varsha come. Meenakshi says Jasmeet thinks Mishti is delaying for puja. Jasmeet says I heard Mishti getting a party invite, I thought she went there. Meenakshi thinks weak link is breaking. She says my son Abir doesn’t drink, even if Abir and Mishti went in party, then they would have come back home on time. Jasmeet says maybe Mishti drinks these days. Rajshri says no, she doesn’t drink. Meenakshi says even Abir doesn’t drink, explain it to Jasmeet. She thinks Mishti will come here stumbling.

Abir says I m so charming. Mishti says you didn’t see yourself, did you had anything after cold coffee. He says yes, one spoon Mishti. She says stop it, we have to go for puja. He says love is puja and puja is love, I you love. Mishti says I you love too, I have to get ready, what will we tell, why did we get late. Abir says I can’t think of anything. She says you are falling. He says in your love, hold me, if they ask us why did we get late, we will say that I wasn’t able to make you wear mangalsutra.

She asks what are you doing. He says watching you. He fills sindoor in her maang. He says my lovely wife and hugs her. Kuhu and Kunal set the umbrella. Meenakshi asks him to find Abir, its time for Abhishek, Abir will do it. Mishti and Jugnu take Abir. Jugnu says I told Kunal that you went to get special garland. Mishti says you should have told truth, he would have helped us. Kunal says I will go and see. Kuhu stops him. She says Kaushal can go. Meenakshi says Kunal will go to find his brother. Mishti asks Abir how are you feeling now. Abir says your voice is magical. Parul asks what would we do if Kuhu didn’t do these arrangements. Jasmeet and Nidhi argue. Mishti says I will tell them that I gave you a pain killer and you slept so much. Abir says tell them that you did magic with your love. Mishti asks Abir to sleep. She thinks to find out what happened to him and who did this. Meenakshi talks to everyone. She says Abir will do the abhishek, he is son of the house. Rajshri says Kunal is also your son and can do aarti. Nanu says yes, Kunal will do the puja with Kuhu if Abir doesn’t come. Meenakshi says fine. Abir and Mishti come here. Rajshri pacifies Varsha.

Vishwamber says elder son should do this Abhishek, if Kunal does it, Abir won’t feel bad. Meenakshi thinks I will not forgive them if Abir doesn’t do this puja. Mishti says just do puja, then I will take you home. Abir says I will be fine. He stumbles. She holds him. Kunal and Kuhu do the aarti. Kunal says Abir and Mishti has come. Mishti asks Abir not to leave her hand. Kunal asks are you okay. Meenakshi asks why did you get late. Mishti says I took the painkiller.

Pandit asks did anyone of you had liquor, I know Abir, he does puja with devotion. Mishti recalls doctor’s words. She thinks how shall I lie. Rajshri says they don’t take any liquor. Mishti says I m feeling dizzy, Abir hold me well, sorry, we got late because of us, pandit start the aarti, we will attend it from here. Jasmeet asks Kunal to come and do the puja with Kuhu. Kunal asks Mishti are you sure, you want to sit here, I will get the car. Mishti says no, you go and do the aarti. She sits with Abir. She says sorry, this puja was your dream and right also, I promise, I will find out who did this. Meenakshi thinks Abir didn’t say a word. Mishti calls doctor and asks for Abir’s reports. Kuhu thinks did Mishti get to know about the spiked coffee. Meenakshi thinks Abir couldn’t do puja, and these girls didn’t fight. Pandit asks her to add Kapur in diya. Parul does it. Varsha thinks why didn’t Meenakshi do this. Abir says sorry, we can’t go in aarti, we shall donate the prasad to poor. Mishti nods. They feed the people and say there can’t be better puja. Mishti asks is your head aching. Abir says no. She asks did you eat anything else. He says no, we had cold coffee. Mishti thinks why would Kuhu do this with Abir.

Abir says I will sit somewhere. Kunal gives aarti to everyone. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to come with her. Mishti goes to get water. Meenakshi sees Mishti and talks aloud. She asks Kuhu was Mishti stopping Abir from doing puja. Kuhu says I can’t answer. Meenakshi says Abir always does puja every time, I want to know the reason, did Mishti drink anything at night, why did they stop when pandit said that they can’t do puja if they got drunk. Kuhu says I just know Mishti is independent, maybe this puja isn’t imp for Mishti, or she wants to spend time with Abir, she didn’t tell me anything, sorry. Meenakshi says its okay, I just wanted to know the truth. Mishti thinks did Kuhu do this.

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