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The Episode starts with Neil shouting shoot, we policeman are not scared of death, shoot come on, I want you to get arrested. Vidyut says thanks for alerting me, I will not shoot you, you know everyone has some weakness, you also have a weakness, you will not want any innocent person hurt. He shoots a man. Neil shouts and asks him to stop. Vidyut says good, say again, tell me about Mishti, else I will shoot this uncle again. Neil says stay in senses. Ali looks on.

Vidyut says answer me ACP, I m losing my patience. Ali runs to the bar. Neeil sees Ali. Ali throws a wine bottle. Vidyut turns to see. Ali pushes the bartender. Vidyut aims at Ali. Ali throws the lighter. Vidyut falls back by the fire. Everyone starts running out. Neil shoots. Neil runs. Vidyut blows off the fire caught by his sleeve. Guards put off the fire and ask him is he fine. Vidyut asks where is ACP. Neil asks Ali to take that injured man to hospital, Avni is safe with Mishti, I m going to her. Vidyut says I want Neil, Mishti and Ananya Verma alive here.

Its morning, Avni asks Mishti to get up, they can go out. She thinks Neil we were going to meet here, we have to leave, how will you find us. She hears goons. She hides. Mishti cries. Avni asks her not to cry, our game didn’t end. They leave from the window. Goons don’t find them. They see Avni and Mishti running. Avni falls down. She gets hurt. She asks Mishti are you fine. She sees goons and runs into a jungle. Vidyut says that girl is Neil’s wife Avni, sory Maa. Gurumaa says you know if we lose her, I will lose, you never lose, if you lose, I will get annoyed. He says don’t worry, I will never lose. Avni slips. She hides with Mishti. Avni says we will win this game Mishti, are you fine. She wishes Neil comes. Vidyut says I promise, none of them will get away safe. Gurumaa says great, don’t forget they tried to kill me, go, Maa Durga is with you. He says I will take revenge. She says if I was fine, I would have found them, I have hope from you, will you upset me. He says never.

Avni says we have to run for sometime. Mishti asks for water. Avni says we will get water, come. She makes Mishti sit. She says I taught you a peon, tell me. Mishti sings Machli jal ki….. Avni says close eyes and read this 20 times slowly, when you open eyes, you will see magic, I will be in front of you, this is last mission of our game. She asks Mishti to hold her angel doll. Mishti closes eyes and recites. Avni goes to find water. Neela lights diya and prays for her children’s safety. Neil pulls Avni. She cries seeing him.

She says Mishti… He signs her to stop. Vidyut comes there. He asks guards about Avni and Mishti. He scolds them and asks them to find Avni and Mishti. He sends a guard to check the beach. Avni gets scared seeing a snake. Vidyut hears the sound and waits. Vidyut sees snake. He goes. Neil hugs Avni. Snake goes. Avni says I felt you can find us or not. Neil says I was afraid you and Mishti are in some problem, where is she. She says I have hidden her, we should reach her before anyone else.

Avni says we should reach Avni. Mishti asks angel, shall I open eyes now. Avni comes. Mishti sees her and says magic. Avni says come, I will give you water. They leave. Vidyut looks for them. Neil digs the secret place and gets water bottle and other needs. Mishti drinks water. Neil says I did these preparations before. Mishti says uncle, Sir will come. Avni says no, he is also an angel, he is very strong, he will protect us, don’t get scared, come, we will rest for sometime, sleep. She makes Mishti lie in her lap. Avni sings Aa leke chalun tujhko….. She recalls Aisha. Neil looks at her. Mishti sleeps. Avni sees blood stain on his back and says you got wound, can’t you say, you like to become supercop, remove your shirt. He looks at her. She gets away and says it happens. He says yes, it happens, no big deal, it will be good if anyone applies ointment to my wound with love. She applies the ointment. He looks at her. They have an eyelock. Music plays………… He says once we reach home, I won’t let you get away from my sight, I like to keep you caged. She asks why, do you like me so much, I will run away. He asks why, do you dislike me so much. He gets close to kiss. Mishti talks in sleep. Avni says Mishti often gets such bad dreams. Neil says once we reach home, we will make her fear end, then she will just get angel dreams. She says we are going to win this game. He ignites fire. She says Vidyut’s men will see. Vidyut says you both have just 10 mins, I will shoot one of you if they are not found. The man shows the smoke. Neil says I want them to come here, we have to divert them so that we get time. They leave.

Vidyut says this ACP is fooling us. Guard gets a call. He tells something to Vidyut. Vidyut leaves. Neil says I have hidden a jeep there, I didn’t let anyone know my escape plan, wait, the jeep is there, I will come. Avni says Mishti we will win and Sir will lose. Neil gets shocked seeing Vidyut and his goons in the jeep. Neil falls away. Goons take Avni and Mishti in the jeep. Vidyut looks at her. Neil shouts Avni and runs after the jeep. Avni says leave us, you are not doing right. Vidyut says shut up. Neil runs after them. Avni cries. Vidyut says your husband is ACP, you think you are an inspector too, did you think you will fool me and run away with Mishti, see what I do now. She says if you try to touch her, I will not spare you. She shouts to Neil. Vidyut says ACP is following us, show some respect, drive fast, we will see how fit he is.

Neil says I won’t let anything happen to you and Mishti. He runs inside the jungle to take shortcut. Mishti apologizes. Avni asks her not to fold hands in front of Vidyut. Vidyut says you are her governess, you should teach her how to say sorry and thanks, you guys have played the game, now its my turn, see what I will do, you and Neil troubled my mum a lot. He asks his goon to drive faster. Avni says when Neil comes, see what he does. Vidyut says of course, he will come, I will get him to show your death.

Nail bed is laid on the road. Jeep goes out of control. Vidyut asks them to be careful. Jeep hits somewhere. They all fall out of the jeep and get hurt. Avni goes to Mishti. Vidyut sees the nails and punctured tyres. stares at them. Avni says don’t touch Mishti. She sees Ali. Vidyut turns to see. Ali comes. Vidyut gets angry. Ali beats the goons with a rod. Vidyut catches his neck and suffocates. Ali falls down. Avni shouts Ali.

Neela says Neil just said he had no option, he wanted Vidyut to feel that Neil is with Juhi now and Avni left him, so Avni became Ananya and reached the girl. Bebe says it means what Neil and Avni did was a drama. Vidyut gets the nail strap. He goes towards Avni. Neil drives the bike and hits Vidyut. Vidyut falls away. They fight. Avni takes Mishti in lap. Ali gets conscious. Avni asks Neil to see Mishti. Vidyut gets dizzy. He sees his insulin injection fallen. He goes to take it. Neil stops him.

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