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The Episode starts with Mishti falling in Abir’s arms. Aaya mai aaya…plays… She says thank God you have come Abir. Kunal hugs Abir. Abir thinks to tell everything to Kunal before engagement. They all dance. Naman gets a call. He doesn’t get sound. Waiter asks him to go to that room and talk. Naman goes. Parul looks on. Meenakshi sees the chandelier. She smiles and messages Laxman. He puts some grease on the floor. He also applies it on the door knob. Meenakshi says my entire family is happy together, I m a businesswoman, I manage family and business also, I just believe that everything has a price in the world, but family is life, my family is most imp for me, I can do anything for my family’s happiness. Naman comes to that room and sees lights flickering. Meenakshi plays Sitar. Everyone smiles. She signs Parul.

Abir says I need to talk to you before the engagement. Kunal agrees. Naman slips and holds the lever. The chandelier chain begins to loosen. Chandelier gets falling. Parul worries. Mishti sees it and runs to Meenakshi. She pushes Meenakshi. Everyone gets shocked. Meenakshi says I m fine. Mishti says I m also fine. Vishwamber says we got electric fitting checked last week, the lever to control this chandelier is separate. Abir says I would like to go there and check. Shaurya says that way. Meenakshi looks on. Naman comes. They see him. Abir says grease mark is there on your knees, it means you had altered the level. Meenakshi asks how can you blame Mishti’s dad. Naman says I didn’t do anything. Abir says shut up, we know you well, you blackmail Mishti’s family for money.

Meenakshi says Naman can’t be a murderer. Naman says a waiter has sent me to that room. Meenakshi asks Naman to see the waiters and tell them who has sent him there. Naman says he isn’t here, its a plan against me, I m not so bad, I was saving money for Mishti’s future. Mishti says you threatened Rajshri. Naman says I m not a murderer. Meenakshi says Naman isn’t bad, else Rajshri would have made him out. Rajshri asks Naman to leave from her house.

Abir says we will give him to police. Naman says this was Rajshri’s plan, such blame came on me before, Rajshri planned to frame me, like she has sent me to jail for blame of killing Naitik. Rajshri says that was truth, you tried to kill Naitik. Mishti and everyone get shocked. Rajshri says forgive me Mishti. Kunal asks did Naman try to kill someone. Vishwamber says yes. Abir says he will get punished. He takes Naman to police. Mishti cries and runs away. Kunal says I will go to her. Nidhi says you should have told us before. Parul says Meenakshi would have lost her life. Mishti says my dad is a murderer, no, why didn’t Rajshri tell this before, why did she tell this in front of everyone.

Kunal comes and asks should Rajshri keep this hidden, my mum would have lost her life, didn’t you know your dad is a murder. Mishti says I didn’t know I was saying why did she tell this truth in front of everyone when she had hidden it from me. He says you are cleanly lying, you didn’t tell me about your past, you missed a small detail that your dad is a murderer. Vishwamber says we kept Naman and his truth away from Mishti. Meenakshi asks why did you hide this big truth from us. Rajshri says for Mishti’s happiness, I will go to Mishti, she would be in shock. Meenakshi says Kunal would also be in shock, I can explain him, whatever Naman did, if Kunal get upset, I can’t explain him, anything would have been there in my place. Parul asks her to calm down.

Mishti says I didn’t know my work is a murderer, I would have told this to you. Kunal says you didn’t tell me anything, I m not a villain, you didn’t give me a reason to trust you. Mishti says our relation is the reason, you should trust me. He asks won’t you question me if anything from my past comes out. She says I m not asking you anything. He asks what do you mean. She shows his pic. Parul looks on. Mishti says if this is truth that Naman is murderer, this is also a truth. Kunal says Shweta didn’t try to kill you, both the things are different. Mishti says your past had love, my past had hatred, I didn’t ask you if you still love her, I trusted you, I wish you also trusted me. He says you think I shouldn’t care that your dad tried to kill my mum, you and your dad are liars. Mishti shouts Kunal. He says you always lied to me, I troubled Abir, I made him fix dates, I made him send flowers and write that poetry, nothing is ever enough for you. She gets shocked. She says it means those poems, flowers, balloons, Abir gave it, with whom was I having the courtship, with you or Abir?

Parul comes to give medicines to Meenakshi. She says Mishti saw the pic. Meenakshi thinks Kunal would need time to break this alliance. She says Rajshri, both the families got shaken up. Rajshri says don’t go without tilak rasam. Rajshri asks Kuhu to call them. Kunal says so what if Abir did that, its all ordinary things, this has no comparison with the thing your dad has done. She says a girl makes dreams with flowers, you are calling that poetry ordinary, it shows the writer’s heart, the balloons are a hope, my dad doesn’t run by my wish, this courtship would be a formality for you, it was a chance to know my life partner, you got this outsourced by your brother, you weren’t in this courtship, it means I didn’t know you. Kunal says I m a MD of a MNC, I can’t leave my work and pick flowers for you. Palke dekho….plays…. He says I have no time for this courtship, I handle big projects everyday. She looks at him. Kuhu comes and says come fast, everyone is waiting for you two.

Kunal says my family is waiting for me, I m going in, you should come as well. Mishti asks who am I then. Kunal says whatever happened with your dad, it should have not happened, its okay, I forgive you, come on. He goes. She cries. Mishti recalls Abir when a man comes to sell balloons. She goes and buys balloons. Naman says I m honest, I didn’t do this. Abir says arrest him, he can do anything. Naman says I came to take money, why will I hurt anyone, I can’t hurt anyone. Shaurya says shut up. Naman says listen to me, the person who made the chandelier fall is roaming free, Abir please listen to me. He is put in lockup. Abir gets a call. Kunal and Kuhu come inside the house. Rajshri asks where is Mishti. Nidhi asks did alliance change again. Mishti comes there holding the balloons.

Meenakshi ask Kunal what did you decide. Kunal says I told Mishti that I m very disappointed, it was my right to know about her dad, he has tried to hurt you, my family is very imp, my wife has to understand this. He says I had to say this, Mishti would have understood what I expect from her and this relation, if everything is dine, we shall fulfill the engagement. Meenakshi gets shocked. Rajshri smiles and says why not, Varsha, take them upstairs and make them ready, I m sorry for this. Rajshri hugs Mishti and apologizes. Mishti says I know you can’t do anything wrong, now I understand why Singhanias hate my dad so much. Rajshri says I did this to save you. Jasmeet asks Mishti to cry without shedding tears. Mishti says this is my truth, my parents abandoned me, my dad could kill anyone. Rajshri says no, you are my daughter. She hugs Mishti. She asks what did Kunal say. Kuhu says he didn’t leave Mishti, he is still ready for rasam. Rajshri thanks Lord.

Meenakshi asks are you still ready for this relation. Kunal says I was also shocked, I have explained her well, I m sure she will never forget this, you look very happy, I can’t snatch your happiness. She says just think of yourself. He says Mishti has to leave her stubbornness. She thinks I can’t let this rasam happen. Vishwamber comes to ask Mishti’s wish. She says we know about trust in such times. He asks do you trust that we did this for your betterment. She nods. He says I can never lose you. She hugs him. He says we will always be with you.

Meenakshi says that girl isn’t right for you, I told yes to her because of my family, Mishti is very stubborn, relations aren’t made this way, adjustments happen in relation, Mishti isn’t one to compromise, you refused her to job, she went to Abir to get job, she refused to get surgery done, she is breaking our family, I chose the wrong girl, I won’t let my son bear this, if anything happens to you, I won’t be able to forgive myself, don’t make this relation. Ketki hears them. Kunal gets thinking. Meenakshi says don’t make this relation Kunal. He says my relation broke before on engagement day, do you want this to repeat, if this relation breaks, I will also break down, this can’t happen. He goes.

Shaurya says anything would have happened, don’t know how Abir controlled his anger. Abir recalls Mishti’s words. Rajshri says you have helped us a lot, thanks. Abir says I did what I should have done. Nanu asks Rajshri to bless Abir, not thank him. Abir says we should go, I have to talk to Kunal. Rajshri says Mishti would be just coming. Nidhi says Abir will get Kunal, they have much love between them, Abir convinced Kunal for this alliance. Mishti gets the balloons and thinks of Kunal. She sees Abir and Kunal. Kunal says Mishti’s dad tried to kill Naitik, nothing can be serious than this, don’t you care, they have hidden this from us. Abir says this was hidden from Mishti too, we can discuss this later. Mishti comes and looks on. Abir says you are my brother, my friend and life, I can do anything for you, we trust each other, I want to tell you something, I realized this late, I want to tell you that I… Mishti says Kunal….

Abir says not this time, I have to talk something imp to him. Mishti says its more imp for me to talk, please. Abir takes the balloons from her and goes. Mishti says Kunal, I was 13 year old when I came in this house, I got to know this is my real house, they have regarded me a daughter, they did everything from me, they had hidden my dad’s truth from me, when the truth came out, I could have broken, but I didn’t break, I knew I m not alone, they always trusted you, you didn’t trust me, you didn’t take a stand for me, you want a puppet wife, Vishwamber taught me to take my own decisions, he is sure that I won’t take any wrong decision, I don’t want to insult his trust, I will never get rid of glasses, Rajshri tells that I look like Vishwamber by wearing glasses, you didn’t get happy with this courtship, you involved your brother, I blindly trusted you, my dad broke my trust, I wanted such a relation which can fill that trust, we have no match, that’s why, I m breaking this relation. Kunal gets shocked.

Everyone comes and looks on shocked. Meenakshi says Mishti is breaking up. Nanu says its happening right. Abir says don’t think about me now. Kunal scolds Mishti and says you are a liar, I will break this relation, I dump you. Meenakshi says Kunal is saying right. Varsha says we didn’t lie. Rajshri says don’t punish Mishti. Meenakshi says Mishti is a liar. Vishwamber says you have no right to scold her. She says Mishti has no right to break Kunal’s heart. Abir and Nanu ask them to calm down and talk. Mishti says I have no proof, Kunal doesn’t believe me. Kunal says trust has to be earned, Mishti just broke my trust, I don’t wan to see her face again. He leaves. Mishti cries.

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