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Mahira is feeling unwell. She calls out to Gazala. Amad arrives and asks the matter. Mahira says pain. He offers to call Doctor. Amad thinks this baby is causing so much trouble, want to get rid of it. Amad calls someone and says Doc is in OT for 3 hours. Amad calls someone else. Then calls Armaan and says he refused to come. Mahira is in too much pain. Latif goes to call Doc in person.

Sameer is in car. He notices something that belonged to Kaynat in the car and feels scared. His cell ring. Its Kaynat. Its Kaynat in new look and asks Sameer to rush home.

Armaan feels guilty and think of calling Mahira to apologize. He thinks Mahira will insult him. Mahira asks Amad to stay beside Mahira and help her. Amad makes Mahira trip but she manages to stabilise herself. Amad swears to get rid of the baby.

Sameer is in his room at night and notices Kaynat (in her original look) and is terrified. Kaynat (in new look) comes and comforts Sameer. He tries to get close to her but she says after marriage. She then swears to ruin Sameer’s life.

Armaan calls Mahira but Amad notices and receives the call. He tells Armaan he shouldnt talk to Mahira now. She is unwell. Armaan asks about the baby and Amad tells Armaan that he is isnt the father of the baby. Armaan is in shock. He says, i just want my Mahira. Amad says i will talk to Mahira.

Kaynat (new look) offers to make tea for Sameer. He begs her not to leave him alone. She assures him all is well. Sameer wonders why all this is happening and Kaynat says maybe you did something. Sameer refuses to confess. Kaynat asks Sameer how did Kaynat die. Sameer tells a fake story. Kaynat is hurt and furious of Sameer’s lies. Kaynat fakes concern for him. Sameer gets a message that reads ‘U R A LIAR’. He throws the phone and says she will kill me. Kaynat asks who. Sameer says i need to confess my sins. Kaynat is delighted. She offers to call a Doc. Sameer agrees. Fake Doc says you feeling guilty. Sameer keeps lying. Doc says this is called PTSD. Kaynat (in new look) says i feel like Kaynat’s mom must have killed her. Sameer agrees. Fake Doc says this is PTSD. Giving you meds, have them, you will be well. Fake Doc leaves. Kaynat reassures Sameer. Latif tells that Doc told to bring Mahira to hosp. Mahira refuses to go. Amad offers to help her.

Armaan is on his way to meet Mahira. He want to apologize to her.

On the road

Armaan frantically tells the driver to drive fast, as he is nervous to get to Mahira’s house asap.

At Mahira’s residence

Mahira is taken down the stairs, by amad, gazalla and latif, while she winces in pain. He thinks she wont have to bear this pain and this unwanted child for long. he sends off gazalla and latif to get a shawl for mahira. then he intentionally drops his phone and in a bid to pick it up, he lets go of mahirs’a hand, and she stumbles down the stairs, while he eyes her amused. But she is held by armaan, who catches her just in time. all are surprised to see him. he asks her to take care of herself, in this condition, and then making her sit, he leaves without saying another word. she is distraught and in tears. Amad thinks he is being just like he wanted him to be.

later, amad thinks viciously that he shall have to get onto the second part of their plan. he says that he managed to successfully convince armaan that he cant stay without mahira and now he shall have to play his second bet, that is to make mahira realise that she too cant live without armaan, and he can manage that perfectly.

Meanwhile, gazalla and latif try to get mahira to eat something but she continually refuses, as they try to convince her through various means. then amad comes and asks her to eat a little, while she refuses. he says that she is in the same pain, that he is going through, seeing them, separated, and howsoever hard he tried, he isnt able to get them close. she says that maybe its too late. he says that its never too late, till hope is alive. she says that sometime life plays such a game that it actually gets too late. he asks what if he says that he feels regret for what he did, as he came running when he got to know of her illness. she asks why did he divorce her if he loevd so much. Amad says that he does anything in anger, and what if he really wants to get back, but isnt able to say it. she refuses to believe it. he coaxes and asks if she would accept. She tearfully asks if he would get armaan back. he says that she shall have to promise that she wont break his heart again, and accept him happily. She asks him to get armaan first. he eyes her evilly.
At armaan’s residence

Amad comes to armaan asking what decision he took. He says that decisions are taken by those who have options, and he has only one option, thats mahira. he says that he isnt able to face her, but wants her back anyhow. amad asks him to let be, as he wont get her merely by thinking, but by being close to her, and not delay one second to bare out his feelings for her. he rushes out. amad smiles evilly, thinking that two lovers are uniting, but it would be better when they separate.

At Mahira’s residence

While mahira is lost in armaan’s thoughts, as she eyes a shawl that he had gifted her when they returned from kashmir. She hears armaan calling for her, and rushes out, shocked to find armaan at her doorstep. He comes to her, while she eyes him tensedly. Armaan asks her if they can give their love another chance. she stands tensed. they ask her to say yes. She says that till now, he just mentioned them both, but he didnt yet talk about their unborn baby, while amad, gazalla and latif hear intently. Armaan asks them to leave the two of them alone. when they dont budge, amad distracts and takes them away. he then says to mahira that their relation has been strange, as they have loved with the same ferocity as they hated each other earlier, and maybe it was what god wanted, and then promises that he shall keep her and their child safe and sound, and begs for another chance, as he knows that the child is theirs. He says that maybe god wanted them to be together, and the reason behind it is their child. She overwhelmingly hugs him. Amad sees them and thinks that the lovers reunited, and congratulates himself at his second win.

As armaan prapares a meal for mahira in the kitchen, latif and gazalla go gaga over his efforts. Later, mahira comes and finds the corridor to a romantic setting. Armaan comes and asks her to introduce herself, as he tells his name. She asks whats he talking about. He says that they shall literally start afresh. they start their romantic banter and continue their romance as they sit to eat. he says that he wishes to speak, and says that he hopes he doesnt make mistakes like he did in the past, and they have to trust each other, Mahira readily complies, while latif and gazalla watch them from a distance. Amad notices them and smirks.

As he continually tends to her, in her delicate condition, an amused mahria asks him how can she trust him. he says that he shall do anything. She asks him to eat chilli. He goes and gets back a plate of green chillies, and she shocks him when he asks him to eat it all. as she eyes him distressed, he begins to finish all the chillies one by one. She takes the plate away from him, and then says that she was just joking. She rushes to get him water. He asks what can she do to get his trust. She asks what does he want. He smirks michievously, as they both eye each other lovingly. 
Armaan eats chillies and Mahira stops him. She gives him water. She says was just joking. Armaan asks Mahira how he can trust her. Mahira says never broke your trust, still if u want to test me go ahead. Mahira is giving Armaan a foot massage. Armaan irons Mahira’s suite. Mahira even teaches him how to iron her clothes. She then gives Armaan a shoulder massage. He looks up and notices Latif massaging his shoulder. Mahira-Latif laugh and Armaan back hugs Mahira. Mahira asks Armaan to make plates of her hair. Armaan asks Mahira to relax.

Kaynat makes Sameer drink spiked milk. They are in bed together. Suddenly Sameer feels high. Sameer is about to get close to Kaynat when he notices her hand limped and is scared. Kaynat says you are going crazy. Sameer asks for his meds. Kaynat goes to get.

Mahira is atop a ladder and cleaning racks and notices a cockroach and screams. Armaan is scared. He asks her to jump and holds her safely. Armaan scolds Mahira for jumping.

Sameer wakes up to find Kaynat sitting drinking tea. She asks him how he feels. Sameer says i dun remember what happened. Kaynat says anything could have happened but you were too drunk. Sameer asks when he drunk. Kaynat says let it be. She goes to make breakfast for Sameer. Sameer says something is amiss. Right then cops come and say arresting you for Kaynats murder. Sameer denies the charges. Sameer tells the cop you are the Doc. Cop says you are mistaken. Sameer says these cops are fake. Kaynat says he is crazy. Let him be. Cops agree to let Sameer be free.

Mahira thinks of baby names. Azan for boy and Armahi. Mahira says thats weird. Armaan comes with baby toys and says its merger of our names. Mahira asks what about our relationship. What is the name. Armaan brings Mahira outside in hall and its filled with heart shaped balloons. Armaan goes down on his knees and propose to Mahira. Mahira reminds about going thru Halala first. Latif-Gazala are delighted. Armaan asks them to leave him and Mahira alone. They agree. Amad comes and asks the matter. Armaan asks Mahira out.

Later Mahira-Armaan arrive back home. Armaan goes to get his keys. Mahira is standing on the stairs. Amad passes by her and she thanks him. Amad says am glad you both have reunited. He then turns and notices a vase full of water and spills marbels from it faking a fall. Mahira is about to reach to him when she slips too. Mahira hits her head and is bleeding.Armaan rushes by her side and asks Amad how it happened. Amad pretends ignorance and fakes concern. Armaan asks Amad to call Doc. Mahira worries for their baby. Armaan assures nothing will happen to the baby.

Kaynat offers Sameer to go out for an outing. Sameer keeps mum. Sameer starts to think he is going crazy. Kaynat is delighted to see Sameer distraught. She asks Sameer to focus on things. Sameer worries about business and Kayant offers to run it for him. Sameer refuses to give the papers to Kaynat. Kaynat has spiked the water. Sameer agrees to sign papers in Kaynats favor. Sameer passes out.

Doc checking on Mahira says cant hear baby’s heartbeats. Armaan-Mahira are distraught. Doc reassures them. Doc praises Amad for calling her on time. Doc tells Armaan next 24 hours are critical for the baby and Mahira and to ensure Mahira doesnt fall asleep. Armaan reassures Mahira. Mahira feels guilty. Armaan says was an accident. Armaan comforts Mahira. Armaan promises to be by her side. Amad swears to move Armaan from Mahiras side and remove the kid from his way.

Precap: Amad asks him to give the abortion pill to mahira, taunting that their child wont feel the regret that he was sacrificed for the love story of its parents. she begs him not to. armaan profusely apologises and gives her the medicine. she too takes it and then gulps down water, while amad watches evilly amused.

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