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Armaan goes to freshen up. When he comes out, he doesnt find mahira there and then hollers for her, but gets no response. Then he finds a tap from the behind.  Armaan finds mahira inside, and asks whats she doing here as he had asked her to rest. she comes in and taking him by surprise, kisses him romantically on the cheeks. he is startled and taken aback, as she confesses that she loves him, and hugs him. he then caresses her, while she is shy qwith nervousness and anticipation, running a shiver down her spine. she shys herself away, while he holds her. she sits on the bed, and they bask in the glory of their new found love, as he starts to romance each other, when he begins to get physically intimate with her, while she shyly closes her eyes, ashe kisses her around the nape of her neck, her earlobes, sensitising and arousing her. they both lie on the bed, and clasp their hands to gether, when he gets atop her, and leans in to kiss her.

Armaan is sleeping and dreams of Mahira leaving him. He wakes up with a start. He turns to look and finds a note on the bed. He reads it and it gives him clues to reach to Mahira. He looks at the mirror and finds another clue.

Meanwhile Amad is busy having fun with Gazala – Latif. He makes them both search the whole house for some mysterious gifts. Armaaan finds another clue in a hanky in cupboard. He then comes to find another clue, its a red wedding dupatta and has another note in it. Mahira meanwhile is in the kitchen. Armaan checks the bangle box and theres another clue asking him to open the windows of the room.

Mahira is walking upto her room as Amaad watches Gazala-Latif run around. Amaad thinks that theres a gift that will change Mahiras life. Armaan reaches to the final clue which is a pic of Mahira-Amaad in wedding attire. Before he can look at it, Mahira comes and Armaan stops. They hug. She notices the pic. Armaan asks Mahira where was she and that his day should start with her. Armaan is going to see the final clue when Mahira stops and diverts him. Armaan insists on completing the game but Mahira stops him and says the picture is not the right clue, forget it. She hugs him.

Khan Begum is making Ehsaan give her massage. She says life is so weird, two people meet and fall in love. Ehsaan says yes, i met you and thought you are my life. Sanam-2 says i din feel so but now i know we both are made for each other. Ehsaan leads Sanam-2 for a surprise.
Amaad is pacing in his room and fumes that Mahira ruined his plans. Mahira goes to confront Amaad. Amaad fakes innocence saying was joking. Mahira says this is not a joke. It could have ruined my marriage. Amaad says then what is the use of this relationship. Mahira says i believe in this relation. Amaad asks then why did you leave me. Mahira says i din get married to you, this is a lie. Amaad shows her a nikahnama of their wedding. He says have even more proof that will show we are married. Mahira asks Amaad how long since you have been planning all this. You faked memory loss to enter this house. Amaad laughs and says you are so intelligent. Mahira says i supported you at every step. Amaad says then why leave me after marriage. Mahira says i din marry you. Amaad says prove it or else this nikahnama is there.Amaad says had Armaan seen this pic, the game would have ended but now it will be super fun.

Granny is in tears as she prays before Allah for letting her house be destroyed. Her grandson turning to a devil and the witch snatching all. She is about to throw the taveez when she recollects Baba telling her that she can use the taveez till she has faith on Allah. She apologizes for losing faith. Ehsaan – Sanam-2 are coming closer when Sanam-2 is coughing. Ehsaan rushes to call Granny. She is relieved to hear Sanam-2 is unwell. She thanks Allah. Sanam-2 keeps coughing as Granny shows her the taveez. Finally Granny stops herself. Self thought, i wont let her die so easily. Sanam-2 is taken aback. Ehsaan hugs Sanam-2 feeling relieved.

Kaynat is setting the bed. Sameer watches her. His cell rings. He says work will be done. He is drunk. Kaynat asks him who called. He keeps mum. He picks up a knife and turns to Kaynat. She is terrified. Sameer drops the knife. He pulls Kaynat close to himself and hugs her. He picks her up and puts her on the bed. He is about to get close to her. She smells that he is drunk. He starts to strangle her. She passes out. Sameer says you ruined my life so i took your life. Bye.

Mahira comes to Armaan and offers him a jacket. He wears the jacket of Mahira’s choice. Armaan says you are luck that you have a hubby who listens to his wife. Mahira says am very luck to have a hubby who loves me so much. Promise me you will do one thing. Please let Amaad stay in this house. Amaad is furious. Mahira explains that Amaad has lost his memory. Let him stay. Armaan agrees. He asks Mahira why she is so worried for him. Anyways, i love you. He hugs her and heads off. Amaad watches from far.

Amaad says girls drive me mad but these are gonna cost you a lot Mahira.

At Armaan’s residence

Mahira eyes the pic, wondering how is this possible, when they never got married. she takes it out of the frame, and then eyes it closely, and sees the date, which is the same as her and azad’s marriage. She wonders whats going on. Just then, latif comes and takes it, while mahira asks for it. She teases that she too shall see her honeymoon pics. a scuffle ensues, in which her hand slips, and then mahira stumbles, and amad catches her, and takes the pic from her, saying that its for armaan, and not her. He leaves. She says that he might try all he wants, but she wont replace armaan with anyone.

At Ehsaan’s residence

Granny is taunted by begum as to how she became a tigress undaunted by fear and so courageous. Begum says that she came to thank her. Granny is tauntful about it. Begum says that she could have killed her that night, but she didnt, and hence came to thank her, and she can ask for something in return if she so wishes. Granny says that she must have a vicious plan for this too. begum says that good fortune doesnt come many a times. She is about to leave, when granny says that she wishes to bury farida with ehsaan, and wants her to relase ehsaan from her evil capture for sometime. Begum agrees saying its a promise, and when she is burying her, only then she would release him.
At Crematorium

As they together bury Farida, granny and ehsaan pray together, as they bid a tearful emotion to her. he asks when did this happen. she says that its a long story. he says that he doesnt remember anything, and whats happened to him. she eyes him helplessly, and then suddenly, she thinks that since begum isnt around, she can use this time. She tells him to come along with her, so that she can tell him everything. She takes him away from there.

At Ehsaan’s residence

Granny gets ehsaan inside, her room, saying that she shall tell him everything, and then hurriedly opens the wardrobe to get the taveez, but doesnt find it anywhere. she is apalled and distraught. Begum comes in and shows her the locket, asking if this is the one, she is searching for. Granny is shocked. begum says that people are thankless, and that she shall punish them. he asks why is she talking to begum like this. Granny says that she isnt who he thinks she is, as she killed farida, and ruined the entire family. he is shocked to hear this. Begum shows the locket to them, and then starts chanting, much to granny’s horror. granny tries to take it, but begum pushes her away. begum says that her powers are with the taveez, and the taveez is with her, hence she can control them. he says that she cant take away the powers of the pure heart. he says that he loved her truely. He challenges her that within the next seven days, he shall defeat her with the power of love. she ridicules them off, citing that only that would happen, which she so wishes. She eyes them angrily.

At Armaan’s office

Armaan tries ehsaan’s number but it doesnt get through. he is worried, and the secretary says that there has been no contact, ever since he left for honeymoon. Just then, Amad comes with a bouquet of roses, and with extra cheerfulness, he asks him to stop the deal with the recent record company. Armaan asks how does he know about it. Amad says that he knows. armaan taunts that now he is interfering in his professional life too. he asks him to call up, and find out what about the deal with Munna Rangila for five records. Armaan gets to dialling. After the call, armaan understands that amad was right. Amad says that he saved crores of rupees. He asks if he wont thank him now. Armaan asks what he needs. Amad says that he wishes to play a game. he is tensed. But he is boggled, when amad lays out the carrom board, saying that since mahira proclaims that they are step brothers, from the same mother, they can find out who plays better. the game begins, as armaan nudges him to go first. Amad starts winning. But armaan wins the queen, and amad asks her to get the pawn too along with it, which is next to impossible, given the way its placed. amad eyes it, while armaan plays his master stroke, and wins it. Amad pretends to be super happy for him, and armaan asks for the queen, metaphorically, and amad resentfully gives it to him. amad suggests drinks to that, but armaan says that mahira is waiting and denies the offer. he then walks out.

At Armaan’s residence

Mahira watches her wedding video with azad on the laptop. She wonders whats the game that amad wishes to play, as its clear from the video that she married azad that day. She finds afreen too in the video, and wonders if the game amad is playing with her, does it bear a connection to afreen. she is determined to find out.

Later, in the night, mahira is tensed as to where is armaan, and that his phone is also not going through, and amad too is noweher to be seen, and hopes he isnt upto something. Meanwhile, armaan returns back with amad, totally inebriated, while mahira is upset and asks amad whats he done. Armaan defends him saying that he didnt do anything, and he is highly humourous and walks in. she goes after him, but he stops her hand saying that he isnt a child and doesnt need her at every instant. she slaps him tight across his face. he then confronts her, when she asks how dare he touch her hand. he taunts her and her anger, as angry girls are more bful. She dares him not to come close to armaan or her, and she shall have him thrown out. she leaves. He guffaws and thinks that time changes unpredictably, and they shall see who is thrown out, as he has so many evidences to show yet.

As she lays the breakfast table the next morning, mahira sees armaan coming in yawning saying that he is very hungry. he finds that she is completely ignoring him, and then goes onto tease that he always wanted this kind of a wife, who always was under his hand, who never looked up or so much as speak, in front of her husband. She finally looks up taunting back. He says that he was jesting, and if she didnt like then so be it. He says that he is sorry for what he did last night. she grumbles, but with his innocence, he wins her over. She finally smiles. he kisses her on the forehead. Armaan asks latif and gazalla to come out, if they have seen enough. they all sit for breakfast. amad comes and joins them. armaan happily welcomes him, and then tells mahira that he was wrong about him, as he didnt come with a wrong intention, but infact he prevented a huge loss for his company. She asks amad to search for another house, as its time for him to leave, since his memory isnt coming, and he has to start sometime. He says that he is a guest in the house, and he cant overstay his welcome. Armaan says that if its was mahira’s wish till now, then its his wish now, that he stays here only, and then asks mahira why is she talking about him leaving now. He says that he knows why mahira wants that he leaves. he then takes out a pic, while she is worried, that he might show it to armaan. 

At Armaan’s residence

Amad gives the pic to armaan, while mahira is distraught as to what to do now. Armaan eyesit and asks him where he got his pic. mahira is boggled. he asks if she saw this pic and hands it to her. she is relieved to see that its a pic of her wtih armaan. amad indirectly taunst her that she felt as if some of her secret is out. armaan comes to his defense, saying that there are no secrets when there is love. she remembers how the ph broke off, and asks armaan to come along shopping, as she needs to buy a new one. he says that he wont be able to, but she can take someone else. Amad presents himself as a good person about electronics, but mahira refuses to go with him. Armaan pesters and then badgers him to go to mahira, while she is tensed. She complies, non resignedly.

Later, Armaan meanwhile finds a suitcase, with a lehenga in it, and wonders whose it, as it isnt mahira’s, and then also finds a phone, that contains a number, saved as S, and numerous calls from it. She recognises it and that its mahira’s, and wonders why did she lies then. he gets tensed and doubtful.

As he lies down, he starts wondering about mahira’s anger against her, and maybe she is using her loive to take her revenge by breaking his heart. and maybe thats why she svaed him in Kashmir. But then he thinks that mahria cant do this, as she loves him and its evident. Armaan hears mahira speaking on the phone, that its their secret and no one shall know. he gets tensed. She comes and hugs him, and asks him whats the matter, when he asks where is amad. She says that he is still shopping so she came. He asks if she came all alone. she gets tensed and then she asks why is she questioning her like this. She is insistent that she wishes to know. he asks her if they have that lucky trust factor between them. she says that she trusts him more than herself, and wants the same from him too. he hugs her then. A sudden call comes, and he asks her to pick it later, but she hurriedly leaves, saying that she has something for her, and goes out. He hurriedly checks her ph. he sees a message saying that he loved his time with her, and that he is missing her already, and cant wait for the night, when they meet in the garden.

At Ehsaan’s residence

Begum is happy about her blissful state in the house right now, and then a person comes in with a bouquet of roses, and a new dress, and a nask, with the message, that asks her to meet at Kohinoor in the night, for a romantic encounter. she wonders who this secret admirer could be.

At Kohinoor Palace

Begum comes dressed in a candlelit area, to find a table set for two, and the whole theme set to a romantic ambience. A video montage starts playing from the beginning of her journey, till the end, to what she is now, and that she has had suffering and torture, and noone to show her her way, but today that search ends, and she got her life partner. hearing the sound of someone approaching, she wears the mask. ehsaan comes in with a mask on, and gives him a rose. She asks him who is he. he starts talking romantic, about how he loves her, and how they are meant to be together. she warns him about the risk of his love. He says that he is undanuted by it. she asks what if there is any ulterior motive. He says that they should lay it to the tests of times, and then presents her a watch as a gift. she takes it and thanks. She asks what he wants. he says that he loves her. She says that she doesnt know what love is, as she never learnt love. he says that she never got a teacher to teach her love. she is surprised. he gets up and extends his hand for her to dance, and she gets up, complying to his request. he then draws her close to himself, and then caresses the nape of her neck, while she gets sensually aroused. He refrains back. when she opens her eyes, he is gone. she is shocked, and then smiles shyly.

Precap: Amad says that when wives get angry, they throw their husbands out of the room, but she is so angry, that she is throwing him out of the house. mahira listens irritably, as they are in the garden. he asks her to remember…and she immediately asks him not to threaten her at all. Amad suddenly catches her off guard and hugs her, while she detests and vehemently tries to grasp free. Armaan, noticing this from a distance, is shocked to see this, as he insistently hugs her.  Amad says that when wives get angry, they throw their husbands out of the room, but she is so angry, that she is throwing him out of the house. mahira listens irritably, as they are in the garden. he asks her to remember…and she immediately asks him not to threaten her at all. Amad suddenly catches her off guard and hugs her, while she detests and vehemently tries to grasp free. Armaan, noticing this from a distance, is shocked to see this, as he insistently hugs her.

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