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Armaan sends a message to mahira, on a new cell, asking her to come at 5 in the evening, surnamed S, mentioning that this is the alternate sim card, and tells her of the location where they need to meet. mahira is tensed to read this. Armaan thinks that he has always waited for her with dying breaths, and today he ardently hopes that she doesnt come. Meanwhile, mahira wonders whats this, as armaan cant do this. Amad eyes her, amused from a distance and says that this is killing two birds with one stone, and now she shall be able to enjoy the game

At the Cafe house

Armaan comes and looks around, and thinks that he knew that mahira cant bnetray him, and come here. he pays his bill and walks off. After which, mahira enters and searches around for armaan, and thinks the same, and then apologises to herself, for having doubted him. then she wonders who is this S.

At Armaan’s residence

Armaan comes and asks amad, if he has seen mahira. he says that he doesnt know, as she isnt in the house since morning, and asks how come he doesnt know about her. he asks if anything has been troubling him, as he can be a good listener. Armaan asks if he knows mahira well. Amad says that she says that she knows him well, but he finds mahira extremely good, and a person who loves him tremendously. Amad asks why is he saying this. armaan doubts mahira, in front of amad. Amad vouches that the sun may change its direction, but not mahira’s undying love for him, which is visible in the eyes. armaan says that even lies can lie. Amad says that mahira loves him truely and deeply, and wont ever betray him. amad affirms that mahira cant ever betray him, she loves him truely, but even then if he thinks, that she is under the scanner, then he shall help armaan. he asks if he is sure. Amad says that he shall help armaan in any which way, as doubts shouldnt be allowed to grow, if that means even following her, or finding out the truth. he finds armaan tensed and asks him to speak up. armaan hesitatingly brings forth, S, and asks if he knows anyone by that name. Amad says that he doesnt, and then as if remembering it, he names Sohail, as the person who mahira talks to frequently. armaan is susprised to hear this, hoping that its just his doubt, and mahira isnt betraying him. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Begum is warned by the leader of the devil that she has been living like a devil for long and she might choose to be a human, but she wont be able to survive one day like that, and with the morning rays of the sun, she would wither and die. That night, dressed in white clothes, begum prays teary eyed in front of the kuran. The next morning, she walks on the beach, and as the sun’s rays fall on her, she collapses on the ground, and falls unconscious. as prophecied, she withers and dies off, and vapourises into thin air.

At Armaan’s residence

armaan is assured by amad, that if he doubts mahira, then he shall definitely get to the bottom of the truth for him. Mahira comes in, and amad taunts at her huge shopping bags. she ignores, and wishes to speak to armaan in private, but armaan instead suggests a game of truth and dcare with them all, and she is uncomfortable, but at his insistence complies. when the talks and questions start getting personal, mahira says that she has had enough, and that being tired, she excuses herself to go and rest. Amad tells armaan that its useless, as she cocooned herself. armaan is however determined to find at any cost, and that he cant stay quiet now. Amad gives his help always. He too leaves. amad plays with gazalla and latif.
At Kohinoor Palace

Begum meanwhile beckons the leader of the devils, and then tells her, that the dagger inside her heart is melting, and she is becoming a human, with feelings and emotions, and losing her spirits as a devil. She asks begum not to qworry, as she can invoke bad spirits in her yet again. but begum advocates the beauty of being a human, with empathy, compassion and mercy, and for the first time, she felt like bowing to the lord. the devil asks if she is even willing enough to bear the pain that humans do. Begum continues to argue about human behaviour, as after ages, she feels light. the devil warns that she shall die, if she is a human, and gives her a sample of the pain and begum is shocked, but not undaunted. Begum says that she wants to be freed from this evil spirit. The leader says that for that to happen, she has to give someone’s life too, in order to gain hers, and asks whose shall she sacrifice, Granny nor ehsaan’s. She begs the leader not to take granny or ehsaan’s life, as they are innocent and havent done anything, as she cant hurt anyone else for herself now, and that her life can be taken, but she doesnt wish to live as a Daayan. Begum is warned by the leader of the devil that she has been living like a devil for long and she might choose to be a human, but she wont be able to survive one day like that, and with the morning rays of the sun, she would wither and die, and from this minute, she would start withering and decaying. Begum complies. she then sucks the devil soul out of begum, while she is stunned, and then she falls on the ground, unconscious. the leader disappears. ehsaan rushes in and asks begum what did she do. begum apologises for all the wrongs she did to him, but now she shall have to go. He cries and says that she cant leave him and go. She says that she is in pain, but she likes it. He says that he wont let her go, as he wants to live life with her. she says that this is the punishment for her, by the lord, that she doesnt deserve true love and live to enjoy it. She hugs him.
At Ehsaan’s residence

Granny prays and begum comes, dressed in white, and sits down to pray with her, as a noble human being does. granny is shocked, yet smiles through her tears of victory. Begum prays that those who pray, feel light, and for the first time, she realised that, and apologises for every crime of hers, as a devil, and she kept running after power, without realising the true power and reason of life. she says that she might be weak, but her heart feel strong, as she confesses to all her crimes, and that she accepts every punishment that he gives. She then turns to granny and begs to be forgiven. Granny comforts her and then says that one who apologised to the lord, neednt aologise anywhere else. She hugs begum tearfully. begum says that she doesnt need anything else, and she needs to meet some more people, before she leaves forever and finds ehsaan standing at the door. she goes to him, and confronts him, saying that she is indebted to him, for this transformation, and she prides that he is her husband and she his wife, and she shall always love him.

At Armaan’s residence

As she sleeps in the night, mahira places her hand on armaan’s chest, while eyeing him and smiling. They hear a doorknock and then he shifts her hand aside and goes to open it. they are tensed. gazalla comes and tells them that someone has come to meet them. they rush down. Dressed in white clothesbegum comes and all are shocked to find her in such a different attire and manner. She says that she came here to apologise. 

At Armaan’s residence

Begum falls on her knees in front of armaan, saying that she has never ever given him the love of a mother, and that she thought the child to be dead and couldnt be a good mother, and apologises profusely for the sam. but he keeps standing tensed, unperturbed. She then gets up and turns to mahira, and apologises to her too for the torture and brutality that she out her through and apologises. Mahira hugs her, saying that it isnt needed, as they both forgive her. She again turns to armaan, for forgiveness, but he says that this too must have had a vicious motive behind it, or else she wouldnt be apologising so many times, and ask her what he wants. she says that if he wishes to give her anything, he should give her all bitterness, and begs him not to become like her, and asks him to have trust on love and respect it, as its a big thing. She talks about their power child that would give back her powers, but adds that now she wants their child, who bonds them further together, and brings happiness in their lives. she says that she is going far away, hence wanted to meet them one last time, and she doesnt take to take hatred with her, and begs to be forgiven. tears stream down her cheeks, as she leaves. Armaan stands tensedly, as she starts walking out. Finally, she leaves.

On the road

Begum’s entire life flashes before her eyes, as she says that she lived the life of a devil, but finally is dying as a human, and would ask for apology from azad on heaven. she walks on the beach, and as the sun’s rays fall on her, she collapses on the ground, and falls unconscious. as prophecied, she withers and dies off, and vapourises into thin air.

At the Hospital

As begum dies off, kainat, who is in the hospital, in an extremely delapidable and bruised and wounded state, revives back, and try to get up, but the sister asks her to lie down, as she is weak. She then asks what happened. Kainat says her husband tried to kill her. The nurse asks her to have faith in the lord, as he shall be punished and also tells her to start afresh, as this is god’s second chance to her, so that she can move on in life, forgetting her past. kainat is tensed and worried. She says she wish to live life, and the nurse says god shall be with her. The nurse then leaves. Later, with the help of the nurse, kainat tries to get up, and walk, but isnt able to. the doctor asks her to have hope and try again. she manages with great difficulty and support from the nurse. She is tensed.

At Armaan’s residence

The next morning, armaan wakes up to find mahira sleeping with him, her hand on his chest, sleeping peacefully. He is tensed as he remembers the recent happenings. He thinks that eyes can lie but not the heart, but now he cant make a decision, as both say different things and he cant falsify either of them. She too wakes up and eyes him lovingly, and then thinks, that after much problems, they have become inseparable. He thinks that mahira taught her how to love, and now its in his heart, and hops that he can believe that she is only his, and this S is a notion. She however thinks how complicated their life is, as she cant tell him the truth about amad, and on the other hand, this mysterious pewrson who armaan has been talking to. Just then, amad comes in with breakfast, and mahira resignedly goes to the bathroom to freshen up. He meanwhile tells armaan that he can remember his past slightly, and knows that if he goes back to the places he used to visit, he would remember everything.

Later, mahira comes out, all ready and combs her hair, while armaan eyes her, and then the special figure of eight on her back. She gets a message. before she can see, he sends her off to get his toast, and she readily agrees. after she leaves, he checkes the message, that says that they need to meet today urgently, as there are some important decisions to be made. he gets tensed.

Precap: Amad meanwhile tells armaan, that this fan of mahira’s, even knows the location of a special wart on her body, at a place, which only he as a husband shoul be knowing. armaan gets tensed to hear this.

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