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At Armaan’s residence

Armaan takes out all of mahira’s stuff and pics, and then in his distraught state, he burns them. Amad comes and stops him, asking him not to do so, as they still arent sure about mahira, since she is a sweet lady and particularly, when she is pregnant, with whose hand, that remains to be identified, but she should atleast be given a chance to explain. but armaan says he desnt believe in second chances, and that the pics are self explanatory. He leaves from there in a huff. Amad eyes his wedding ring and pick it up.

Later, when mahira enters the room, amad comes and asks her to take care of herself, as she is going to become a mother soon., but she is more concerned with talking about their misunderstanding with armaan. he says its too late, and shows the wedding ring, that he had thrown away. she says this doesnt mean anything, as their relation isnt that weak that it would break by some morphed pics, through a cheap conspiracy. He says he wont be able to trust her. But she says he may have burnt down all the evidence and proofs, but he wont be able to falsify their child, the thing that signify their relationship, and shall strengthen it too. She leaves to talk to armaan.

seeing armaan in the lobby, she goes to confront him, with her loving behaviour, asking him not to be influenced by these morphed pics as its definitely someone’s cheap trick to get them to separate. but he stays adamant. she asks how can he weaken their relation so much so, that it couldnt stand a simple lie. Mahira tells armaan that this child shall bond and bring them together, as they parent this child together. he asks if she wants the divorce to stop, then he demands a DNA test to prove that he is the father of this child. She is mortified, and asks if he even understands what he just said and did, as he gave a slang to their child, their relationship and their love. he asks if she agrees or not. she says she shall never agree. he says that the divorce is settled then. She says that then this is the right decision, and asks him to remember the meher amount, 500crores. he is surprised as he is reminded of that, while she eyes him tensedly.

At Sameer’s residence

A woudmned sameer is brought to his home with kainat, whoasks him to compose himself, while she does the first aid dressing on him. he thwn takea a sip of the wine, and then isabout to lean in to kiss her, he doses off in the bed. She then says that oday she shall avenge for the first time, and then sprays nails all over and all around in his neck slumps to a corner.

The next morning, kainat is with sameer, ho thanks her profusely, while his whole body is containmed with nail stains. He apologises for his inhospitality and then talks about his second proposal. But kainat acts all pricey and comforting. sameer is all gaga over her. Just then someone comes in with gifts, and other stuff, while kaimnat plays for it, with revamped outlook. she then gives him a list of things that he wishes her to do, and then placs the first wish in front o her, to be her servant for a night. he readily complies. taking it as a game. kainat smiles evilly.

At the Office

the lawyer tells armaan in front of amad, that if gives divorce, then he shall have to get rid of everything he has, and hence the better soltuion is in accepting whats there, and try and mend his ways with the wife. Armaan is tensed. Amad says that he would get mahira anyhow to agree for the test, but he shouldnt divorce mahira, as he would love everything.

At Armaan’s residence

Mahria is tensed, when Amad comes and asks her to take rest. she says she cant and has to get in the habit of staying alone now. She starts lamenting as to how she had never imagined that their relationship could come at this. Mahira is then advised fr bowing down, if she wants to salvage the relation, which shall be the basis of her agreeing to the DNA test. 

At Armaan’s residence

As armaan sits tensedly, he remembers what the lawyer advised him. Amad comes, but he asks amad to go away. amad says that he wanted to tell him something, and then tells that he wanted to say something, and that mahira agreed for DNA test, and these are the reports. as he sees them, he is shocked that he isnt the father, but shahid is. Armaan is shocked. amad says that he wanted that his name be there, but it doesnt really make a difference, and that he has always gotten rid of mahira, and now her pics remain, and once those are exposed, she would be ruined for life, and humiliated in public, and that would be her rightful punishment for ruining his life. armaan takes the reports and leaves. amad eyes him evilly.

At Sameer’s residence

Sameer tries to get close and intimate with kainat, while she steps on his feet. he is boggled and asks what happened. She says that a servant isnt allowed to ask questions, and asks him to press her feet. he takes it as a game, and starts seductively gyrating her legs, but she shoves him away, asking him to really press legs, and behave as a servant. He complies on. kainat continues to ordert sameer around, while he complains that he burnt the omelette, and she with a whip in her hand, torments him, hitting him continuously with the whiplash and then coyly smiling. he tries to flirt, but she slides away. she then orders him to insult someone. he guffaws saying that this is his expertise. he asks whose insult. She shows him the pic, of a girl, in the mobile, saying that she claims to be his girlfriend. he gets tensed and scared at that. she asks whats the matter and if he has any secrets. she asks him to comply or else forget her forever. he is in a dilemma.
Later, as sameer sits, his girlfriend comes, and tries to show love and concern, while he jerks her away, insulting her about her stature and personality. she is boggled and asks what and why is she saying, and asks her not to pile on, and get lost. she gets angry and says that she has the biggest secret of his life. he is unperturbed and asks her to get lost. the girl sees kainat as she comes in, just then, evilly smiling at her. The girl asks who is this, and whats she doing here. Kainat places her hand on his shoulder, saying that she is Sameer’s live in partner, and hence its her house too. She is about to slap kainat, but she ducks and slaps her instead. he throws her out. After she leaves, kainat says that now she would tell him her final condition tomorrow.

Later kainat comes very tensed and distressed, when sameer comes and tries to be romantic. She says that she is in a bad mood, while sameer continues to chide with her, and asks whats the problem. She says that her account has frozen off, which contains 5 lakh dollars. He starts lustily thinking about the money, and rfeadily agrees to pay the bills. she says that she cant take his help, but complies, when he insists. She says that she too wants to move in, but wants him to fulfill the final wish first. he asks impatiently whats it. she asks him to announce to the world, that his first wife is dead. He wonders how does she know. She says that she doesnt wish to know, as she has many sources. She says that she just wishes that he accepts that his wife is dead, so that their relation isnt complicated, and also adds that she hates lies, and hence he shouldnt ever try that. he gets tensed and unnerved.

As per her request, sameer along with kainat, gets his first wife’s final rites done, with a prayer service, while he pretends to be extremely sad and disheartened. She eyes her own picture as a dead person, and gets overwhelmed, and thinks that the old kainat is actually dead, and that now only the new kaira stays, and just like he ruined her, she shall ruin him too.

At The judge’s chamber

The next morning, the lawyer tells Armaan and amahira, if they want to deliberate again they deny it completely. Then he agrees on their divorce to go ahead, by mutual understanding, and asks them to sign the divorce papers. Armaan readily does so, and then Mahira too signs them, overwhelmed with emotions, and then gives the file to the judge. The judge then declares her the sole owner of all of Armaan’s property. He gets up and congratulates Mahira, as she eyes Mrmaan tensedly. She too shakes hands with him curtly, and then they leave. meanwhile, the judge has amaad on the phone, so that he hears all this, amused and evilly.

At Armaan’s Office

Armaan deberiefs his employees for the last time, and then tells them of their new boss, while they are shocked, to hear about Mahira.

At Armaan’s residence

Armaan cleans out all his closet and then eyes his pic with mahira, and after much deliberation, he puts it inside his suitcasde and is about to walk off, when amad comes and stops him. but he walks off, while amad is overjoyed. he meanwhile takes his final steps outside the house, while mahira eyes him overwhelmed with tears, as Latif and Gazalla are shocked, and try to stop. they both remember their past moments. before walking out, he turns back to see her, while she too eyes him tearfully. they both turn their eyes away and then he finally leaves. Mahira eyes him tensedly. He is about to get in the car, when the driver points out that he cant use it, shamefully, as its the company’s car. he gives the keys and walks off.
Inside, his employees start coming to her, asking her of the decisions, while she says that she shall take decisions for the betterment of the company. The employee says that many people would be jobless to see company’s profit. mahira however sternly says people can be ruined anywhere and anytime, but she shall stick to her decisions, and walks off.

In her room, mahira is too stunned as reality sinks in, while Armaan too walks senselessly on the road. Later, Armaan is confronted by his conscience who says that love and betrayal by the lover is difficult to forget, but adds that he can have a broken heart, but not a shattered one, and that he needs to pull himself back together as he isnt those who sit disappointed, and asks him to reignite himself and not forget or forgive the betrayer. he think Mahira cant even begin to understand the pain he is going through. He says its his fault to love and trust her, but he shall have his revenge, and make her realise what she did. Amad comes and says that he has been searching for him, and asks him to come along. He sits resignedly. Amad tells him that he isnt doing him a favour, but is just arranging some money for him. Amad continues to support Armaan, as he sits on the seating area in the garden, saying he has full confidence on his brother, that he would amass the same wealth yet again, and reach the same heights of success once again.

Amad brings a guy infront of Armaan and says he is the one who is guilty. He was present in the cafe with Mahira. The guy takes the blame and says Mahira is pure. I am the one who is guilty. Armaan is in shock. He says I am a crazy fan of Mahira and was stalking her. Please forgive me. Armaan slap the guy. Fumes on him for being the reason of his divorce from Mahira. Flashback shown of Amad training the guy. Amad intervenes and sends the guy away. Armaan is upset. Amad offers to play mediator. Armaan is upset and thinks of his rude behavior with Mahira. BG – Bato ko teri hum bhula na sake. A sad Mahira is sitting in her room, on the bed, sulking.

Kaynat (in decoy) makes Sameer pull her luggage and he is sweating and asks, why so heavy. Kaynat says these are diamonds, i carry with myself. Sameer is lured. He offers to take care of her and the diamonds. He carries her to the bedroom and tries to get close but Kaynat says first lets get married. He agrees.

Mahira is feeling unwell. She calls out to Gazala. Amad arrives and asks the matter. Mahira says pain. He offers to call Doctor. Amad thinks this baby is causing so much trouble, want to get rid of it. Amad calls someone and says Doc is in OT for 3 hours. Amad calls someone else. Then calls Armaan and says he refused to come. Mahira is in too much pain. Latif goes to call Doc in person.

Sameer is in car. He notices something that belonged to Kaynat in the car and feels scared. His cell ring. Its Kaynat. Its Kaynat in new look and asks Sameer to rush home.

Armaan feels guilty and think of calling Mahira to apologize. He thinks Mahira will insult him. Mahira asks Amad to stay beside Mahira and help her. Amad makes Mahira trip but she manages to stabilise herself. Amad swears to get rid of the baby.

Sameer is in his room at night and notices Kaynat (in her original look) and is terrified. Kaynat (in new look) comes and comforts Sameer. He tries to get close to her but she says after marriage. She then swears to ruin Sameer’s life.

Armaan calls Mahira but Amad notices and receives the call. He tells Armaan he shouldnt talk to Mahira now. She is unwell. Armaan asks about the baby and Amad tells Armaan that he is isnt the father of the baby. Armaan is in shock. He says, i just want my Mahira. Amad says i will talk to Mahira.

Kaynat (new look) offers to make tea for Sameer. He begs her not to leave him alone. She assures him all is well. Sameer wonders why all this is happening and Kaynat says maybe you did something. Sameer refuses to confess. Kaynat asks Sameer how did Kaynat die. Sameer tells a fake story. Kaynat is hurt and furious of Sameer’s lies. Kaynat fakes concern for him. Sameer gets a message that reads ‘U R A LIAR’. He throws the phone and says she will kill me. Kaynat asks who. Sameer says i need to confess my sins. Kaynat is delighted. She offers to call a Doc. Sameer agrees. Fake Doc says you feeling guilty. Sameer keeps lying. Doc says this is called PTSD. Kaynat (in new look) says i feel like Kaynat’s mom must have killed her. Sameer agrees. Fake Doc says this is PTSD. Giving you meds, have them, you will be well. Fake Doc leaves. Kaynat reassures Sameer. Latif tells that Doc told to bring Mahira to hosp. Mahira refuses to go. Amad offers to help her.

Armaan is on his way to meet Mahira. He want to apologize to her.

Precap: Mahira gets on stair stools to dust off the bookshelf, but eyes a cockroach and starts screaming. he rushes in, and finds her atop such a height, and asks why did she do that, given her present condition. She says that she is right now scared of the cockroach. he asks her to come down, but she is too scared. he is tensed, as in her scare, she lets go of the stool, and falls down, right in his arms, as he dives in to catch her.

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