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At Ehsaan’s residence

Begum comes and finds granny super sweet, vehement protesting that she is putting aside her enemity, and behaving like a human. Begum however taunts ehsaan and granny, that she met a man today, who she shall soon get in the house, and make him her husband, right before them. they are least unperturbed, and asks her to do whatever she wishes, as it doesnt lesse their love for her. They leave. begum is shocked.

At Armaan’s residence

Armaan lies in the bed, when mahira comes and asks him to watch a movie with her, as he promises. He says that he is tired. she wishes him goodnight, and tucks him in. then she goes to her side of the bed. just as she lies down, she gets a message from amad, asking her to come down immediately, or else he shall show the pic to armaan. She confirms that he is asleep, and then ducks out. armaan, pretending to be asleep, opens his eyes, wondering whose message had come, and where did she go in the middle of the night.

At Armaan’s residence

Amad teases her, by his poetry, while she asks him to get to the point. Amad says when wives get angry, they throw their husbands out of the room, but she is so angry, that she is throwing him out of the house. mahira listens irritably, as they are in the garden. he asks her to remember…and she immediately asks him not to threaten her at all. Amad suddenly catches her off guard and hugs her, while she detests and vehemently tries to grasp free. Armaan, noticing this from a distance, is shocked to see this, as he insistently hugs her. he leaves in disgust. after that, mahira retreats away, flinching at amad’s touch, and slaps him asking how dare he try this with her, and warns him not to do this with her ever again. he says that she shall have to heavily pay for this slap. She says that she has fullest belief and trust and faith on her relation and doesnt need him, to ruin it. After she leaves, he thinks that he shall spoil every relation of faith that she has with armaan.

In his room, armaan remembers what he just saw, and the past, recent events, and is concerned about Mahira’s doubtful comments. He thinks that its not just his doubts now, but mahira’s deeds, but then thinks that mahira’s true love can be seen in her eyes, then why is she doing this then. Finding her coming, he rushes to the bed pretending to asleep. As mahira comes in tensedly, he finds armaan, asleep, when he is actually pretending. She sleeps beside him, imagining how hurt he shall be, if he knows, and he too wonders how mahira must be frustrated to be doing this, oblivious that mahira is crying herself to sleep.
The next morning, amad gets juice for armaan, and finds him tensed and asks the reason. armaan thinks that till he doesnt find out, he should keep the matter of S to himselfm and denied any tension, and asks about mahira. amad replies that she is a little busy, as its season’s time, and hence she must be shopping. Armaan says that she doesnt seem like that. amad says that women can not be comprehended easily, but mahira is completely trustworthy, or else today, women are more betrayers than trustworthy. Armaan is tensed. mahira comes just then, and asks why he didnt wake her up. he comments that hehimself didnt sleep well, how could he have woken up, but then responds that he was sleeping himself. Amad offers her juice, but she curtly replies no. he says that he made breakfast too. She ignores him, and then asks armaan to come aside as she needs to speak to him in private. He says that he is busy and shall talk later, and then leaves. Amad offers juice again, and she throws the glass on the floor enraged. She says that their love wont end, at any cost and she wont let him succeed. he says that she cares about everyone, but not him, and then leaves.

At Kohinoor Palace

As they continue wearing the mask, begum falls completely and heads over heels in love with him, and begs him to show his face, as she wishes to see, who has made her so helpless in the name of love. he asks her not to be impatient, and say whats she willing to do for her love’s sake? Begum says that she isnt bound by limits, and he cant imagine to what lengths she can go, but he shall have to reveal her face. He complies, and asks her to unveal her mask. she happily does so, and then turns around to find hijm masked. he says that he cant live like this nymore, and shall kill himself. she asks him that he cant do that. he says that she proved her love, as he just wanted to hear that only, and asks her to be ready for her prize. he askls her to be ready for her prize, as he shall take her far away. he then leaves.
At Ehsaan’s residence

Begum is extremely tensed waiting for her lover. granny asks whats the matter if that person didnt come who she was waiting for so anxiously. Begum ignores. the doorbell rings and she opens it to find a bouquet of roses for her, and a card, and comes back happily. granny taunts that there is such sparkle for a devil’s eyes, and maybe she too has learnt love like a human, and whether her heart too is beating fast like a human one. begum is shocked and surprised. granny leaves. begum stands tensed. begum meanwhile impatiently waits for him, in her room, and wonders how to find out about him. Then she gets an idea, and starts muttering her chants and using black magic, and then opens her eyes. suddenly the lights go off, and her lover comes in front of her, with a mask, saying that the hours of her wait are over now. She hugs him in glee, and then eyes him, saying that she wishes to see his face. he asks her if she has fallen in true love then. she says that she has fallen in true love with him. he says that she doesnt even know him. She says that ever since she met him, she has known him since ages, and everthing about him seems so familiar, and that they are made for each other. he says that he is equally tormented as her, and then says even thats love. he then takes off his mask, as the lights come back on. begum is surprised and shocked to see him, asking whats he doing here and how dare he come close to her. she shouts that she hates him. he asks her to listen to her heart, that has started truely loving him. She asks him to get lost, and then says that she shall make him disappear then. she starts her chants, and he continues smiling, and she senses that they arent working. he says that when love wins, evil dies, and thats happened in her heart, and she isnt a devil anymore, but a human. she screams that this cant be.

At Armaan’s office and residence

Armaan thinks that he has to talk to mahira or else he shall go mad. Mahira thinks that amad is crossing his limits, and before things worsen, she shall have to tell armaan everything. Armaan then takes his phone, and on a certain number calls up, which rings somewhere in the room, mahira is standing. She starts searching where is the sound coming from. She finds it in the jacket of armaan, in the almirah, and wonders how is it kept like that, and he never even mentioned like that. 

Armaan sends a message to mahira, on a new cell, asking her to come at 5 in the evening, surnamed S, mentioning that this is the alternate sim card, and tells her of the location where they need to meet. mahira is tensed to read this. Armaan thinks that he has always waited for her with dying breaths, and today he ardently hopes that she doesnt come. Meanwhile, mahira wonders whats this, as armaan cant do this. Amad eyes her, amused from a distance and says that this is killing two birds with one stone, and now she shall be able to enjoy the game

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