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The Episode starts with Astha coming to Mangla and Mangesh with the files. The files fall and Mangla taunts her for doing such work. She asks what did Shlok tell you. Astha says he asked me to ask you. Mangla says ok, but anything would have happened when you went to him. Astha says yes, he asked me to ask you what I have to do today. Mangla says you spoke only this. Astha says yes, you have to tell me my work and I will do it. She says I have to report it to Shlok in the evening. Mangla asks how was his mood today. Astha says like always. Mangla says I can’t believe that Shlok did not tell you anything. Astha asks why, did he had to tell anything else too? Astha says I remember now, when I went to his cabin and opened the door, Shlok asked me how are you both and he scolded me for coming late. Mangla says yes, you should be. Astha says he could have told me calmly also. Mangla scold Astha. Mangesh says this silver jubilee celebrations are important for Shlok’s parents. Mangla asks Astha to go to Shlok’s house and talk to his parents. Astha says can’t I go to their office. Mangla says you have to go to their house and take their opinion. Astha says ok. Mangla says talk well with Anjali.

Anjali scolds Sojal and asks her not to do anything without asking her. Anjali says I know how everyone is and ask for Rani. Sojal says I asked Rani to clean the guest room. Anjali look on. The maid comes and says someone came to talk to you. Anjali says tell her Niranjan is not at home. The maid says she came to talk to you and others. Anjali says ok, tell her I am coming. Astha is think Anjali is rude like Shlok. She says I have to keep coming here till the event end. Astha thank the Lord and wish Shlok become a good person and thinks of others. Anjali ask Astha what she is doing here? Astha says the diya was ….. Anjali says who gave you the right to touch the diya in our house, who permitted you to go to the mandir? Astha says my mum says there is no need to take the permission to go to the mandir. Anjali says this house knows what's best for it, so don’t interfere. Astha says sorry. Astha says I am in charge of the wedding anniversary events. Anjali is shocked and asks how come? Astha says I joined the event company. Anjali thinks how can Shlok make such a mistake, I should talk to Niranjan. Astha says I came here to ask for your opinion about it and I will show you the model. Anjali says show me the model. Astha shows her the model. Anjali has the problem with the seating arrangement. Anjali says women don’t need to sit, they can stand behind the men. Anjali talk to her strictly. Astha says the dining arrangements is for men and women. Anjali says women’s work is to serve men, not to eat with them. Astha says I know. Anjali says do you have anything else to ask. Astha says no. Astha ask for Niranjan. Anjali says I will decide everything, do as I have told you. Kaka sees Astha leaving and asks Anjali that the girl did not ask anything wrong. Anjali is angry and leave. Kaka smile.

Astha comes to Mangla and says Anjali has broken the model. Astha says I can’t work as they have many rules, only Bappa can save us. Shlok hears Astha saying this. Shlok says we need to interfere. Shlok scold Astha. Astha says I mean people should enjoy the event. Mangesh says its your responsibility to make the event successful. Shlok ask Astha to give him the day's reports in half an hour. Mangla says do your work and make the report.

Atul and Kalindi are at home thinking Astha did not come till now. Atul says she will come. Astha message them that she will be late as she has work in the office. Kalindi says how will she come, she won’t even get an auto. Atul says we will buy scooter for Astha. Kalindi like the idea and says then she will come late daily. Atul says its office work, its ok. Kalindi says she is a girl so I have to worry about her. Atul ask her not to overthink. 
Anjali tell Niranjan that Astha came in the morning to talk about the event, she does not know anything about our family. Niranjan says she does not know, but you know it. Anjali says I don’t know why Shlok gave her the big responsibility. Niranjan praise Anjali. Anjali says I have to see Astha that she does not make any mistake. Astha is working in the office late while others leave. She sees that everyone are gone and there is no one to help her as her computer got stuck. Astha gets tensed. She sees Shlok coming to her and thinks what he is doing here.

Shlok comes to her and checks the computer. Astha gets nervous. He asks her what happened. He says you have some time left to complete the report. He gets closer to Astha.

Shlok come to Astha. She thinks why is he coming to her. Shlok asks her to submit the report in half an hour. He asks her to work fast. Astha is nervous. He gets closer to her while checking the computer. Astha is tensed and is about to hit Shlok by a paper cutter. Shlok is shocked and says hello, relax. Astha calm down and says sorry. He give her the USB and says put the file in it and bring it to my cabin. Astha continue her work as he leave. Astha come to Shlok’s cabin with the USB. She says I can’t be more late, where is he, what to do. Shlok enter the cabin. He says if you have finished your work, you can go. She keep the USB and leave. Astha try to hire an auto. She says the bus stop is far, how should I make it to my home now. Shlok come there and Astha look at him. Shlok sees her standing on the road and comes to her. Khuda plays…. in the background. It starts raining. Astha uses her umbrella while Shlok stand in the shade. Astha smile showing her umbrella. Shlok is waiting for his car. Astha’s umbrella loses out in the race because of the heavy wind. Shlok’s car come and he leave. Astha says he is so rude. Astha get a call from Atul. Atul asks where are you? Astha says I left from the office, I got the auto, I will reach soon. She says ask mum not to worry about me. She get the auto and the driver stare at her as if he has wrong intentions. Astha is tensed.

The driver says don’t worry, if you don’t trust me, take my phone number, come and sit. Astha sit in the auto. The driver stares at her looking in the mirror. Astha notice this. She pretend as if she is talking to Atul and try to scare the auto driver. The driver change the route and says this is the short cut. Astha says stop the auto. The driver laugh and keeps driving. Astha shout help. He says no one will save you here. Astha get a call and her mobile falls. Shlok call her and she does not talk to him, he says Astha did not make the report well. Astha step out of the auto, the driver misbehaves with her. He says no one can save you. She run. The auto driver follows her. Astha says somebody help me, save me. She start crying. The auto driver says till when will you run, come on. Astha hide somewhere. She sees that the auto driver has gone and is relieved. She cry and starts leaving. The auto driver comes again and smiles seeing her. Astha falls seeing him in a state of shock. Astha says let me go. The auto driver gets closer to her. He misbehaves with her. She says help. All of a sudden, Shlok comes there and beats the auto driver. The auto driver runs. Shlok look at crying Astha. It rains again. Shlok sees Astha without the dupatta and takes off his jacket and covers her. Astha and Shlok have an amazing eyelock in the rain. Khuda…….. Chupke ke Ahista ho raha hoon lapata ……….. plays in the background. (They both look so cute and made for each other!!) Shlok keeps some distance from her and moves backwards. Shlok asks are you ok, Astha nod yes. He says we have to reach home now. Astha walk away from him. Shlok follow her. Astha take her umbrella, bag, dupatta and phone from the auto. Shlok bring his car and asks do you want to go by foot. Astha comes to his car and sits in his car. The song Saiyyan Ve…. plays…. Astha look at him. They leave. Shlok sees her staring at him. Shlok look at her and ask where do you live? Astha give him the directions.

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