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The Episode starts with Tanu telling Aaliya that her mind is not working and ask what she is looking at in books. She ask her to order something to eat. Aaliya says we got it. Tanu ask what? Aaliya says I got a magical lamp. She says we will buy Abhi’s company accountant, and says he will transfer Abhi’s company money in Pragya’s fake company. He says Abhi will get angry and kick her out of his life without divorce. Tanu says you are getting clever with age. She get a call. Aaliya ask him who is he? He says I am Neil Thakur, your friend. Aaliya says corporator. Neil says yes. Aaliya says why did you call me. Neil says I was worried about you, and says I have some proof against you. Aaliya ask what do you want? Neil ask her to give 10 Lakhs rupees and get proof. Aaliya refuse to give him any money. Neil threatens to give proofs to Abhi, and says he will send her to vanvas. Aaliya ask him not to come near her house. Neil says I will teach her a lesson. Tanu says I got an idea and says she will take money from Pragya for the divorce papers, and shift to sweden. Aaliya says shut up and ask her not to waste her mind. Tanu ask her to think about herself.

Abhi is in his room sleeping with his head down, and smiling. Pragya think he is looking good. She think if I talk to him nicely then he will think that I love him. Abhi closes his eyes again and hold her hand. Pragya think he is awake and think to take out romance from him. Pragya dip his finger in coffee. Abhi shout and says you are about to burn my finger. He says you was staring at me when I was sleeping. Pragya says I brought coffee for you, just drink it. Abhi says you are boss, why did you bring coffee for me. He says I should ask who brought it for me, fuggi or mogambo? He says a wife brought it for her husband. Pragya feel shy. Abhi says he can see love in his wife’s eyes and ask her to make him drink coffee. Pragya ask him to keep distance and says she is his boss. She ask him to drink coffee and says she don’t like to waste food. Abhi think to make her confess her love and think about Tanu. He ask her to understand his heart.

Tanu ask Aaliya to come and have coffee just then Neil come there and greet Aaliya. She ask what are you doing here? Neil says you called me here. Aaliya think what if Pragya or Abhi see him, and ask him to go. Neil refuse. Aaliya ask him to come to the point. Neil says you called me and asked to send a goon to kill Pragya. Neil says I have a man Vijay. Aaliya ask him to contact Raj and Tanu. Neil says when you were in need, I supported you, but when I am in need of money, you have refused to help me. He says you tried to kill Pragya many times and even forced Bulbul to commit suicide as her face was ruined because of you. Pragya call Robin and is coming there. Aaliya ask Tanu to handle Pragya and ask Neil to come to side. Tanu goes to Pragya and says I have decided. She says I will kick you out of the house. Pragya says this thing you said yesterday. Tanu says I will not leave my right. Pragya says I don’t have time to hear your nonsense. Neil ask Aaliya to give him 10 Lakhs rupees and gives a day’s time. Tanu ask Aaliya from where to get the money. Aaliya says I should think of something. Tanu says if Aaliya is exposed then I will be alone again.

Abhi comes to meet Purab and look upset. Purab make him sit and ask what happened? Abhi ask him to hear him and says when I stood infront of the mirror, I have taken a decision. She says fuggi is hidden behind Pragya. He says Pragya is wearing mogambo’s mask. Purab think if he knows the truth. Abhi says I have to remove her mask and bring my fuggi back. Purab ask are you sure? I am little confused. Abhi says my doubts were cleared, when we were alone in the room. He says when I was sleeping in the room, she was staring at me. Purab ask him to tell…Abhi says I can see love in her eyes. Purab says I am not getting romance feelings. Abhi says I have seen love in her eyes. He ask him to give him some idea to bring fuggi back. Purab think Pragya will be happy knowing that Abhi wants to come closer to her. He think to help Abhi and says I have an idea. He share his plan with him, Abhi get happy and hug him.

Aaliya think Neil is serious and wonder from where to get the money. She peep in Sarla’s room and think Pragya is with her, and there is a good chance. Pragya try to make Sarla walk and ask her to try walking. Sarla couldn’t walk and cry. Pragya says everything will be fine and ask her not to worry. Dadi console Pragya and says Sarla will be fine soon. Aaliya come to Abhi’s room and open the locker. She takes out some bundles of money and think very soon she will take all money. Pragya come to her room and look for the keys. She comes to the changing room and sees Aaliya taking money from the locker. She is shocked.

Pragya catch Aaliya red handed as the latter steals money from the locker. Pragya ask what are you doing? Aaliya says I am taking money from my house with my right. Pragya says I know your habit. Aaliya says if I would have asked you, then you must have surely rejected. Pragya says you are worried about your ego, and says this house is mine, and ask her to leave. Aaliya says this house is mine. Pragya says you never loved your brother or family and lied to them. Even now you are cheating on them. Aaliya ask what is your relation with Abhi now, and ask why you are staying here. She ask her to pack her bags and leave. Pragya says this house and this money is mine. Aaliya says I have taken money, and don’t care about you. Pragya take the money from her hand and says not infront of me. I won’t let anything wrong happen infront of me in this house. Aaliya goes angrily.

Tanu ask if you are worried about my marriage. Aaliya ask her to come out of her self obsessed life. Tanu ask what happened? Aaliya says Pragya can say proudly that she has everything. She says Pragya said that everything belong to her, even though I am Mehra and not her. Tanu says she can say this. Aaliya says she think of herself as the owner, and says she will kick her out of the house. Tanu says I used to say the same thing, but failed. Rachna come to the room and ask Pragya about the money on the bed. Pragya says she saw Aaliya stealing money. Rachna says you would have informed Abhi. Pragya says I felt that she is in trouble and desperate to steal the money. She says Aaliya was in some trouble and think to find out as Abhi is related to her. Aaliya call her friend and ask for money. Her friends refuse to give money. Tanu says I am your only best friend. Aaliya ask her to give her money. She get Neil’s call and he says we are meeting in the evening. Aaliya says tomorrow. Neil says I can’t cancel my plans. Aaliya get tensed. Neil threaten to give proof to Abhi. Aaliya agree. Tanu tell Aaliya that she will come with her. Aaliya says I will handle him and wonder where to get the money from.

Mitali ask Tai ji to note down today’s day as there are many delicious food here. Tanu ask why we are not eating then? Tai ji says let Pragya come. Tanu says I will eat food. Mitali ask her to be happy. She sees Pragya coming and ask her to smile. Pragya come and talk on phone. Abhi stare at her lovingly. Dadi smile and sees Abhi looking at Pragya. Dasi says Abhi is staring at Pragya. Dadi says he must be planning. Pragya asks everyone to start having food. Abhi think I will show her who is real boss. He tease her and moves his feet on her feet. Pragya call Robin and ask him to get a chair for Abhi. Abhi says I am not getting grip because of oil massage. Pragya ask him to bring chilli for him. She ask Robin about Aaliya. Robin says she said that she is not feeling like eating. Pragya goes to Aaliya’s room and check her phone. She reads the message sent by Neil and think Aaliya is in danger. Pragya and Purab follow Aaliya in the car. Purab ask why we are following her.

Pragya says Aaliya tried to steal money from my room, as someone is blackmailing her. Purab says okay. He says I want to tell you something, and tells about his conversation with Abhi. He says Abhi want to get you back in his life. Pragya says right now we have to concentrate on Aaliya. Aaliya come to restaurant and meet Neil. Neil ask did you bring my money? Aaliya says I need some time to arrange for the money. Purab and Pragya also come to the same place. Pragya says may be bad guy is blackmailing her. Pragya spot Aaliya and inform Purab. Purab says who is with her. Purab says we shall go to that side and see his face. They see Neil with Aaliya. Pragya says when did he come out of jail and why is he meeting Aaliya. Pragya ask him to call Abhi there. Abhi decorate the room with flowers, and get romantic. He says I will bring my fuggi.

Aaliya ask him to give some time. Neil ask her to help him without wasting time.

Purab call Abhi and says he is not picking the call. Pragya says we shall go and hear them. Neil says you had hired Vijay to kill Pragya and says he told me everything. He says Bulbul died because of you and says you had cut rope of the chandelier. Pragya and Purab get emotional and shocked. Neil says I have saved you and my political career is ruined because of you. He says I need money right now else I will show proofs to Abhi. Pragya says Bulbul died because of Aaliya. Purab ask her to come. They sit in car. Purab tell Pragya that they shall give money to Neil and get proofs against Aaliya. He says once Aaliya is exposed, Tanu will get weaken. He ask Pragya to go home in a cab and says I will bring Neil home.

Rachna and Dadi come to Abhi’s room. Abhi says so you came Jaaneman. Dadi cough. Abhi says Jaaneman Dadi. Dadi ask why do these flowers blossoming in your room. Abhi says it is for freshness……Dadi says then why these candles? Rachna says he has something in his heart and want to create romantic environment for someone. Dadi ask him. Abhi says there is no romance in his life as he is trapped between two women. He says I can’t commit suicide and that’s why pampering myself. Abhi think romance came in my life because of my fuggi and think to make her confess her true feelings for him. Pragya is in the cab and think to get justice for Bulbul.

Purab come to Neil and offer to give him money in exchange of the proof against Aaliya. Neil agree and says I am ready to do anything if you give me money. Purab ask him to come. They leave. Pragya come to room and sees card kept by Abhi and the decorations. She get happy and think only his love can take her out from her pain. Dadi come and ask her to hug the flowers as Abhi has decorated the room just for you. She says when I asked him, he refused and lied…She ask Pragya not to leave him and make him confess. Pragya blushes. Dadi says you are feeling shy. She says you people are married and so much time have passed. She says I will go, and goes. Pragya think this silence is for me and my sister.

Abhi is in the car and think if Pragya saw the flowers and decorations in the room. He thinks Pragya might call him, and think what to say? He think if she doesn’t tell anything then what shall I tell? He think to express love simply, and heads towards the house.

Purab bring Neil to Mehra house, and says Pragya will come now. He says we will give you 10, 15, or 20 Lakhs. Neil says I am in need of money, call Pragya first. Pragya come. Neil greet her and says you have changed so much. I had full confidence that you will become big one day. Pragya ask him to stop talking nonsense, and says I heard your conversation with Aaliya. Neil ask if you were there? Pragya ask him not to waste her time and says I need proof against Aaliya which you have in your office or home. Neil laugh and says Aaliya has made your life miserable. He says I can’t give you peace….He says if Aaliya has snatched your husband from you, and says he is seeing Nanand- bhabhi drama for the first time. Neil says I am in need of money, but can’t forgot that I am in this situation because of you. He says I am at peace seeing your desperation. Purab ask what are you saying? Neil says our enmity was when Bulbul was alive, but not anymore. Pragya ask him to talk to her. Neil refuse to take money and give proofs. Pragya is shocked. Neil says you might be desperate to know why I lie? He says I will help Aaliya and ruin you. He says your destiny was good, else you would have died instead of my Bulbul. He blame Pragya for her death and ask Purab, how can he take Pragya’s side. Purab says I don’t need any advice from you. Neil says I will not get money from Aaliya also, and says I will not stop Aaliya as you are on her focus point, don’t know when she will shoot you. Purab threaten him. Neil says I don’t have weapon now, else I would have killed you. He says Aaliya is enough for you people, and I will return when you are ruined.

Neil come out and collides with Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says I am arranging money. Neil says I have set everything. Aaliya ask if he has sold proofs to Abhi. Neil ask Aaliya to talk with love and says I did deal with Pragya, but haven’t taken money from her or you. He says I need money, but want one thing from you, and ask her to ruin Pragya's lufe. He says if you need money, then call me…I am just a call away. He says I am in love with you…Aaliya. Aaliya says what nonsense. Neil says I like your revengeful side. Aaliya says I won’t leave pragya. Tanu says let me leave, else my health will deteriorate. Aaliya comes inside and thank Pragya for thinking about her. Pragya says I know everything. Aaliya says I am happy that you people know everything. She says I really don’t care. Now you also know what I did with you. She says I have finished my crime. Pragya says you have become shameless. Aaliya ask her not to act as sati savitri, and says you had snatched Abhi’s property and stopped his marriage, and then also you are right. She says Corporator also wants to take revenge from you. Pragya says I don’t care about the number of my enemies, and says I came here to save my husband from my enemies, and win. She says I don’t care about you all, and will fight with all of my enemies. Don’t think I am weak. She says if you are four, then we are also four. Rachna and Akash comes and say they are with Pragya. Aaliya count and says we will win. Dadi says we are five, and says I am with Pragya. Aaliya ask how can you support Pragya. Mitali hear her. Dadi says Pragya’s thinking is right and have snatched his everything because of his safety. He says your thinking and way is wrong, and says Abhi has fulfilled all of your wishes. Aaliya says Abhi didn’t give me Purab and stopped me from marrying him. Aaliya says I hate him…She says I will make him bend down on his knees and will make him beg infront of me. She says Pragya can’t prove my crime and can’t harm me. She says even Abhi can’t do anything. Mitali think who will save Aaliya now.

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